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If you are a company looking to work with Sparkle and Shine or fellow blogger interested in doing a free ad swap, just contact me! I promise I don’t bite.

I will be more than willing to send you information regarding my viewers, statistics, and anything else you need to help decide that working with Sparkle and Shine is the right decision via e-mail at!

When working with Sparkle and Shine, not only do I post about your company/product/event on my blog, but I also promote it on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.



I’m a member of:

The Seventeen Magazine Social Club

The Her Campus Blogger Network (HCBN)

The Northeast Bloggers Network



I worked with the follow companies for sponsored posts/giveaways:

In order from most recent to least recent sponsorships, not including multiple brand packages from Seventeen Magazine’s Social Club reviews or Influenster reviews-

Sherry London

Total Sorority Move (Grandex, Inc.)

Boiling Springs Savings Bank


Gone Greek

Simply Monogram


Seventeen Magazine

Office Depot


Sally Hansen

A Greek Concept

Orchard Valley & Market Basket


ABC Family

The Collegiate Standard

Little Problems 


The New York City Makeup Show



 “Here and Now” Novel


The Collegiate Standard

Happy Monkey Apps

Greek Creations by Di

Campus Book Rentals


Bowtique by Jacqueline

Chicago’s Own

The Speranza Project

Young and Greek

FMH Collectibles

Unmentionably Cheeky


React Mobile 

Campus Book Rentals


I am featured on:

Fit U 

Busy Being Jess

Pretti Please

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