Happy Saturday, everyone!

So I know on Twitter, I keep mentioning that I’m going to do a video blog. Every time I planned to film, something ended up happening. BUT this week, I made sure that nothing stopped me from filming and editing a vlog for you.

To start my kick back (is that a term?) into vlogging, I decided to do one of my favorite videos to watch other vloggers do….

So head on over, subscribe to my channel, and find out WHAT’S IN MY BAG?!


Comment below with what some videos you want to me! I’m thinking about doing a “Chit Chat Get Ready With Me (#GRWM)” video about some exciting news. Let me know if you would want to see that!

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5 chokers I need to add to my collection ASAP

Hey, ya’ll!

If you follow me on Snapchat (which you totally should – especially since I’ll be at College Fashion Week, giving live updates from my Snapchat!) and Instagram, you know that I totally love my tattoo choker.


(Black tattoo choker from Icing)

I’m obsessed with the choker trend and want to add more to my collection. I totally love the 90’s and think that chokers can just be added to any outfit! I wore my tattoo choker out with a romper to Foxwoods for my little’s birthday and then the next day with a tank top and cropped yoga leggings – and it looked cute with both looks!

Here are five that I currently have in my different online shopping carts:


Hamsa Choker Necklace from Etsy


Claire Velvet Choker Necklace from Urban Outfitters


Acrylic Monogram Choker from Bauble Bar

double ribbon choker.jpeg

Double Ribbon Choker Necklace from ASOS


Layered and Long Suede Leather Wrap Tie Choker Necklace from Etsy

What do you think of the choker trend? Where do you buy your chokers? Comment below and let me know!


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The World Really Does Revolve Around the Kardashians…. At least Mine Has Recently!


Image via Tumblr

Happy hump day, babes!

So in the midst of having about five other posts being written, I decided to stop, totally like chill for a sec (shoutout to you if you can remember what movie that’s from!), and give you some quick updates. I hate when I get so busy writing multiple posts, never finishing one before starting the next, I don’t post for a bit.

So with that being said, throwing you some quick updates.. and they seemed to all have a common theme: the Kardashians.

I published another Total Sorority Move article! This time, I slated the Kardashians for Exec Board positions…. check out my most recent TSM article HERE.

PLUSI am now working with a coffee-detox company that is related to the tea-tox company the Kardashian/Jenner/Lord Disick clan. So, call me Ksami from now on! BUT, make sure you’re following me on Instagram to find out more about how Skinny Coffee works AND be one of the first to find out my coupon code so you can get a discount. I’m super excited for this product collab. Here’s to hoping it works (I’ve been so bloated and sluggish recently!!) and inspiring you to make the discounted purchase.

And this isn’t the first time my life has revolved around the Dash clan. This summer, I interned for TheCelebrityCafe.com, where I was often writing about the Kardashians and Jenners. Here are some of my past stories about them so you can stay in the loop about all their gossip. You never know, maybe you’ll be on Jeopardy and Cash Cab (is that still a thing?) and be asked a question about one of these events and will win big bucks….

Kylie Jenner named most-viewed person on Snapchat, addresses haters

Kylie Jenner celebrating 18th birthday at Canada Beach Club, can legally drink

Khloe Kardashian takes to Twitter to shut down rumors of drugs at Kendall, Kylie’s graduation party

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick spotted together amid breakup

Kylie Jenner adds high school graduate to her resume

Scott Disick cancels second club appearance after Kourtney Kardashian split

Kendall Jenner faces negative feedback on Instagram for Fendi campaign

Kendall Jenner passes big sister Kim Kardashian with most-liked Instagram picture

Kendall and Kylie Jenner launch a surprise website

Kylie Jenner and Tyga make red carpet debut together in Cannes

Kendall Jenner gets first tattoo

Kim Kardashian removed from Jewish website calling her a ‘pornographic symbol’

Tyga announces love for Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian takes to Instagram to celebrate loss of baby weight

Cost of Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde locks revealed

PS Kourt, Kim, and Rob, if you’re reading this, I’ll gladly fly from NJ to come babysit the kids!!

And whether you’re a Kardashian or not, stay tuned for tons of fun posts coming this week and next week!

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Head into the weekend with my current playlist

My weekend playlist

So confession time… I usually mooch off of two of my best friends’ Spotify playlists. Why make my own when Paul has the perfect country and going out playlists and Lo has everything I need when I want to drive with the windows down or cry over a boy with a giant container of chocolate icing?

However, I finally decided to make my own playlist for going out in the summer and I can’t.stop.listening.to.it. Even if I’m not going out, whether it’s in the car, the shower, or going for a run, I’m blasting this playlist!

I’ve added and adjusted to it, making it the perfect playlist for you to jam out to this weekend when you’re getting ready to go out with all of your friends (shoutout to everyone who’s back at school with their friends, I’m having serious graduate FOMO).

Here are some of my top picks for your pre-game playlist this weekend:

Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey // Girls Like by Tinie Tempah // My PYT by Wale //

How I Want Ya – Dawin Remix by Hudson Thomas // Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton //

Does Ya Mama Know? (Dance Like That) #HEYNOW by 99 Percent // Sex by Cheat Codes 

Grove St. Party by Waka Flocka Flame // Say My Name by ODESZA //

R U Crazy – Radio Edit by Conor Maynard // Cold Water by Major Lazer and Justin Bieber //

I Can’t Stop Drinking About You – Chainsmokers Remix by Bebe Rexha //

Don’t Mind by Kent Jones // Mamacita by Travi$ Scott // White Girl by Shy Glizzy //

And of course my go-to jams that I’ve talked about in the past.

Check out the rest of the playlist here.

What songs can you not stop listening to this right now? Comment below and let me know!


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Lose weight and never step foot inside the gym…

So like every college kid this summer, I came home and realized that all those nights of drunk eating, sugar-filled drinks, and easy-to-grab chicken finger meals from the cafe really added to my waistline. And like every other college kid, I decided I wanted to make a change.

Except, I wanted to do more than just lose the weight I gained, then fall back into the old habits. I was now a college graduate and had my whole life staring back at me (which is like, really freakin scary). I ultimately won’t be going back to two AM diner trips after all night studying, tour de Franzias, or living life without a full kitchen. So much was going to change about my lifestyle, why not make fitness more of a priority?

At school, I would go to the gym a few times a week (well, I’d try to), but was always guaranteed one day a week because of a set Tuesday spin class with my GG-little, Taylor (who is now teaching! Go Tay!). I was never a fan of the gym because whether it was true or not, I feel like everyone always stared at you, peek over at how fast you were going on your machine, or judged you. In spin class, I liked how everyone seemed to be so focused on getting the most out of their own 45 minutes and listening to the instructor, that everyone was pretty much in their own little world with the instructor.

But now that I graduated, spin classes aren’t free….. unless you have a gym membership. I was always self-conscious at the gym, so why waste money on a gym membership? Or even worse, drop ten dollars per spin class? No, thank you! There had to be free, fun ways to work towards being healthier and avoid the gym.

So, I spent my summer rounding up great ways to get fit, lose weight, and avoid a gym! And after months, and weight loss and muscle gained, I’m sharing with you my fun ways to workout and never step foot inside a gym…

loose weight

Get off the couch and go for a run! // Trust me, I know it’s easier said then done. But I’m not talking easy, I’m talking free and easy right now.

The fall season is quickly approaching (buh-bye humidity, my hair can’t wait to see you leave), so the weather will be perfect for a morning run or after dinner to relieve stress from work. Put your earbuds in, relieve some stress, and get some fresh air!

If you aren’t currently a runner, there are tons of different apps to help you change your ways. If this past sentence described you more than you would like to admit, then the C25K app is definitely for you! All it takes is 3 days a week, 30 minutes each day, and in 8 weeks, the app will have you ready to run in your first 5k.

But if you are going to start running, you will need to download the free Nike+ Running app. It will monitor the distance you ran, how far you ran, and your average pace rate. Plus, another great feature is that the app will let you sync up your Spotify playlist! You can’t workout with a good playlist, am I right?

Count your steps // This one goes hand-in-hand with the last tip, but you don’t need to run to count your steps. Even better, you don’t need any fancy technology to do so, either. Before I bought my FitBit, I had the Pacer app (free, of course- can you tell I don’t get an app unless it’s free?). My entire family had it and we were able to add each other as friends and make a group, where we could all see who had the most steps per day. It created a competition between us- who had the most, who could reach their goal the fastest, etc. It added fuel to my fire to help me find ways to get extra steps – taking the stairs instead of the elevator at the mall, parking my car farther away when doing errands, and even marching in place when I would brush my teeth. I never realized I was supposed to be aiming for 10,000 steps a day. Before I started counting my steps, I wasn’t even close to getting this number. Now, I make sure I hit 10,000 steps every night before I go to bed. It was such a great step in kicking off my fitness journey.

Free fitness videos on YouTube // In high school, once I quit swimming, I would do Zumba Fitness on the Wii to stay in shape (despite my lack of rhythm..thanks mom and dad). However, as four years has now gone by, I knew most of the songs and dances already. I figured to take to YouTube one day to try to find routines. There were tons of videos and playlists put together for different levels of workout, different time lengths, and more. There were so many options!

After a few days of this, I got to thinking that there had to be some dances out there to some of the Billboard Top 100 songs. I searched “Cardio Fitness” and came across two fitness vloggers that I now do everyday…

The Fitness Marshall

As soon as I found Caleb on YouTube, I was obsessed with his channel. His personality comes through in each video, leaving me laughing as I work up a sweat. Caleb has dances to not only current hits, but as well as some of Britney Spears’ greatest hits – which can always get anyone dancing!


Dance Fitness with Jessica

One day in the car, an Ariana Grande song came on and I found myself moving along to The Fitness Marshall’s moves. I decided I wanted to switch it up and found Jessica, by going through my recommended stations. Jessica always kicks my butt, whether it’s a workout at home with her kids, a class routine, or a cell-phone recorded video (like my personal fave down below!)

Lastly // To kick off my fitness journey, after hearing a ton of positive reviews from many of my sorority sisters and vloggers, I decided to take the 28-day Advocare challenge. Though this wasn’t free, it definitely helped put me in a better mindset to start this journey. It helped rid my body of the different toxins that would weigh me down, help me feel more energized, and helped me learn more about what I should and should not be eating. For an extra jumpstart, I highly recommend Advocare!

I’d love to hear how you workout without the gym! Comment below and let me know. PLUS, if you decide to try any of these methods, I want to hear! I promise to respond back to all comments on this post and Instagram!

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I got published on Total Sorority Move, finished my first semester of grad school & more life updates….


It’s been less than ten days since my last post, but I feel like I’ve been away from Sparkle and Shine for so much longer – so long that this should be coming via a message in a bottle.

Okay, that was a tad dramatic, but hey – what’s new?

In the days that I been gone, I’ve jotted down a long list of ideas for different posts and even some video blogs. While I prepare my go-to photog, my mom, for all of the different posts, I wanted to share some quick life updates with you on what’s happened these past few days….

First off, I finished my first semester of grad classes! And though I did an online class during the school year, this semester was nothing like I was expecting. It was so hard to sit down on my computer and not do Sparkle and Shine work, aimlessly scroll through Instagram, or watch some of my favorite video bloggers. At school, I would always go to the library or a local coffee shop to zone in and get work done. At home, where I was too tempted to go out with friends when I would leave the house or be lazy if I stayed in my pajamas all day, I had absolutely no motivation.

But hey, life happens. Brushing over that information cause I am so, so, SO pumped to announce is that I am now freelancing for the satirical site Total Sorority Move as FratRatsNeverDie.

Even before I joined Greek Life, I looked up to these writers – they had such a way with words, that would make me laugh and impress with going places no other writer would go before. They were blunt, they were sassy, they were honest – and I loved it. I always dreamed of getting published for their site and now I am freelancing for them!

Plus, my first article, Frat Rats Never Die, was the number fifth most popular article the day it was published and the day after. I’ve also top eight or higher on the site’s “Most Active” list.

Depending on how much I end up getting published, I am currently not planning on posting each week the way I did with my “Hollywood Hump Day” treats when I interned at  TheCelebrityCafe.com. As of now, make sure to follow me on Twitter to find out a post by me gets published!

As for other updates, well, I don’t have many. So per usual, that part was a little bit over dramatic too – just like the tears I shed since I’m not back at school and am having major FOMO. I’m distracting myself by trying to find the perfect choker, I took to Twitter and it seems that plenty of you guys knew tons of places for me to check out. Even Francesca’s tweeted at me about coming in to take a look. So now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect velvet choker and one with a Hamsa…. I’ll keep you updated and do a post on it, don’t worry!

Anything exciting happen for you recently? I’d love to hear about it below! Talking to you guys is my favorite!

(Also looking up gifs for this, I wanted to find one from the old ABC Family “Greek”- clearly, I couldn’t find one. Then, I decided I wanted to watch an episode or two on Netflix of the show and it wasn’t on. So let’s just say, I’m not emotionally stable right now).

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I’m an ex-female swimmer and I’m sick of the Olympic female swimmers not getting the credit they deserve for their wins

I’m so sick of the double standards some of the Olympic headlines and broadcasters are making. Give the women Olympians who won their medals the credit they worked their butts off to earn. 


Image via the Huffington Post and not directly linked to the athletes in this story

For many years, I swam competitively for the YMCA, one of the highest levels of training available for my age group. Most of my peers at the YMCA went on to continue to train in college, with this being their intent for years. However, I hung up my swim cap and googles to focus on other activities related to my major once college rolled around. The closest I get to those days of 5 AM practices and hour long, grueling practices keeping me up past my bedtime is the summer Olympics.

I love watching swimming on the Olympics – watching their form, the way they glide through the water. Swimming is such a majestic sport to watch, but for an ex-swimmer who knows the techniques that go into making each stroke, it’s even more magical.

But recently, the magic and butterflies that leave me feeling like that gold-crown Snapchat filter have been crushed by the broadcasters and the headlines.

First, it was Hungary’s Katinka Hosszú whose husband was credited for not only her win, but for her setting a world record by two seconds. In swimming, every point-second is so crucial, so two whole seconds is crazy. Hearing that number made my mouth drop….. until my mouth hit the floor when one NBC commentator said “the person responsible for her performance” was her husband/coach.

Weird, because  I’m pretty sure she was the one in the pool, right?

I, by all means, understand crediting her coach for making her become a stronger swimmer, but calling him responsible for that win is absurd. He helped train her and better her skills, but it was still her skill set that led her to that win. He pushed her, trained her, supported her, but he didn’t get into that pool and swim.

Or what about poor Katie Ledecky?

Watching the female 400-meter freestyle is my ultimate favorite since it was my stroke. Training for the sprints verses distance races, like this race, is a completely different task. It’s not just a physical game, but it’s a mental game. So after swimming these races, I give those competing in this race in the Olympics a little extra credit, an extra dollop of whip cream on their ice cream sundae.

So when it had to get clarified that Katie Ledecky swims like Katie Ledecky and not a man during the commentary of her post-race win made my blood boil. She just crushed her own world record and beat her closest competitor by five seconds (again, remember swimming-time, so five seconds is pretty much like, an hour). Instead of celebrating her win in all of its glory, this commentary was made.

Katie Ledecky swims like Katie Ledecky, an gold medal Olympic, an icon to female swimmers.

And instead of getting to enjoy the joy of this win, this had to be clarified. Though I am grateful that it was corrected, but come on? Now, of all times? It isn’t clarified about Michael Phelps’ sex when he crushes world records and wins medals. Her win is her hard earned win, whether if she’s male or female.

But you know what, it’s not even the female swimmers who are not getting the credit they reserve. It seems to be any woman from any sport.

The Chicago Tribune did not even name Corey Cogdell-Unrein in their headline about her trap-shooting medal. Her NFL husband foreshadowed the entire win, taking a more important role in the name headline then her….

Come on people, it’s 2016. I never thought I would have had to write about this. And as the games continue, I hope I don’t need to do a follow up article about MORE issues like this that arise.

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