Throwback Thursday: My trip to Miami {where to go, what to do, and more!}

Welcome back to Sparkle and Shine, and happy Thursday! 

While aimlessly browsing through social media last week, I was trying to think of how I could share a lot of the big moments and trips I’ve experiences over the year that I didn’t share when I was actively blogging. Luckily for me, it was a Thursday, so my timeline was flooded with baby pictures and pictures from sunnier times — Throwback Thursday! I figured what better way to jump in on this infamous trend than to leverage it for sharing these moments, so buckle up and let’s travel back to my trip to Miami.

Planning your own trip? Find out where to go, what to do, and more down below!


The first time I went to Miami was for a work trip, since one of the brands I work for was sponsoring El Clasico Miami. While I never got to hit the beach (but spending my time with celebrities and being featured on Greg Sulkin’s Instagram Story made it worth it), I knew that I just had to go back and truly get to explore with one of my best friends. Within a week of being home from my first work trip, Katherine and I booked our flights and hotel room! 


Where To Stay: During my work trip, I stayed at the Fontainebleau. While it was not an all exclusive hotel, it sure felt like it. During our four day-three night stay, Katherine and I only had to leave twice! We had numerous pools to choose from and beach access. LIV Miami was right in our hotel, so when the night would end and the club would close, we never had to call an Uber. We just would walk back to our elevator to head up to our room. There were so many restaurants inside the hotel, only one of the times we left was for food — and it was to walk to the Starbucks in the hotel next door! (Vida has the best lobster artichoke dip you will ever have. I promise!) 




What To Do: Our days consisted of waking up without an alarm, grabbing breakfast to go from Chez Bon Bon in the hotel, and then spending the day on the beach/at the pool with a drink in our hand. We relaxed, we tanned, we laughed. We ordered room service and made memories. For anyone who is interested in going to Miami and is of age, two best activities Katherine and I did while in the 305 was go to LIV Miami and to go parasailing. 

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Katherine and I have been to different clubs all across the East Coast together, but LIV Miami was the best one we have been to! The music, the drinks, the lights. It was a new place for us to be together to just let go and have fun. Plus, as I said below, what is better than closing down a club and then walking 500 feet to an elevator that will take you back to your hotel room?! It was the best.

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The second must is to go parasailing! On our last full day, we laid on our beach chairs thinking about something we have never done before that we would have to do while we were in Miami. Some unforgettable moment (even though the whole trip ultimately was unforgettable) and that’s when it hit us — to go parasailing!

We did our research and found Miami Beach Ocean WatersportsFor $75 per person, we were going to strap into our parachute and feel absolutely weightless together over the beautiful Miami ocean. We called ahead and reserved a spot for us to go parasailing as the sun sets. We brought along a Go Pro, parasailed hundreds of feet above the water together, and talked about the most amazing girls trip. Check out the video of us parasailing on my Instagram here



Have you been to Miami? Planning a trip there? Tell me all about your favorite things about the 305 by commenting below or tweeting me @sparkleshinesam!