The podcasts I can’t stop listening to right now

Hi, babes! Happy Friday, junior! 

While you are here, I need to tell you about my most recent obsession – podcasts. Up until a few months ago, I never understood the hype. “Why would you want to just listen to someone/two people talk AT you?” I would think.

That thought quickly changed. One day on my commute to work, I decided to switch off Sam Hunt on Spotify and turn on a podcast. Ever since, I’ve been hooked! Whether it’s at work, driving, or on NJ Transit, if I have my earbuds in, I am listening to a podcast. 

What exactly have I been listening to? Find out all the details on the podcasts I can’t stop listening to below. 


My Favorite Murder // For those of you who know me in real life, you know that I love true crime! From binge watching any Netflix true crime docu-series to sparking up a debate on who killed JonBenet (it was her brother….), I am always fascinated by true crime. The first podcast I have ever listened to and the first one I always go to turn on is My Favorite Murder. Comedian hosts Karen and Georgia put a unique spin on a very serious subject as they share the details on two new murders each week. As soon as you listen for five minutes, you’ll see why the two have such a cult following! 

Gals on the Go // When two of my favorite YouTubers, Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, decided to start a podcast, I knew from the start I’d be listening. While “the pod,” as they like to call it, can be geared more towards college students, their tips on productivity, goal setting, and beauty tips are universal. There is just something about listening to these girl bosses talk that always will put me in the zone and make me feel like I can conquer anything! 

We Met At Acme //  Food influencer Lindsey Metselaar opens up about millenial dating in NYC in her podcast We Met At Acme. There is no better way to sum the podcast up than how Lindsey puts it on her website, “We live in a generation of suppressing and not expressing. This podcast touches on subjects that we don’t talk about, but we all want to know about. We Met At Acme delves into sex, relationships and vulnerability, with some hilarious anecdotes along the way.” If you have gone on one date since 2017, whether it be from an app, a friend who set you up, or you took a chance on that guy in a bar, you will be able to relate and love this podcast. 

Call Her Daddy // While We Met At Acme goes there and touches on milennial dating, sometimes you just want to hear someone really, REALLY go there — and that’s where Call Her Daddy comes in. Video blogger Alexandra and her bestie Sofia have the brutally honest conversations that you and your best friends are already having in your group chat. You know, those totally intense conversations when someone gets a text message of an eggplant emoji from a guy who ghosted them three months ago or a friend shares the details of a first date that went a little too far? That’s what they’re talking about. While you will be laughing hysterically the entire time, make sure you have your earbuds in, as the two may be NSFW.

What are some of your favorite podcasts right now? Comment them down below or tweet them to me at @sparkleshinesam


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