Time to Start Pinning!

I may be the only college girl (especially sorority girl to say this), but…. I don’t have a Pinterest account.

So many girls I know are always talking about how they continue to plan their entire dream wedding, find the greatest new sorority crafts, or learn about the cutest inspirational quotes from the site. Whenever someone described the site to me, I always just assumed it would be just like Tumblr. Besides, I always thought to myself, did I really need another social media outlet to get addicted to?

Well, either way, I have finally decided it is my time to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon and create an account! (You can follow me here)


And now that my account is created – I am hooked! I downloaded the app the moment I had to step away from my computer. Now, in between ringing up customers at CVS, I find myself pinning and repinning everything from my favorite pictures of Niall Horan (which I pin to my “my boyfriends” board) to pictures of Cinderella themed weddings (which I pin to my “MY CINDERELLA WEDDING” board). I am constantly going through other people’s boards to in search of photos I can fall in love with and pin to my own boards. It’s incredible how just by looking at a follower’s board, I find a handful of photos that I just have to pin to my own boards!

The biggest aspect that I love about Pinterest is how organized it is. Back in my Tumblr obsessed high school days, nothing was organized. Everything I reblogged just all ended up in the same place. Now, thanks to Pinterest, all my like photos are posted together on a board that I created. When the rainy day comes when I want to be Sami the Baker, I can easily head over to my “baking bucketlist!” board to find something I want to make (and these chocolate – peanut butter cupcakes may be the first on the list!)

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, I’m telling you right now – you have to! You’ll be surprised with how addicted you will become. But trust me, it will be worth it!

If you are already a Pinterest addict, my inner addict is asking you to please follow me so I can follow you back and repin from you! Either follow me based on the link above, or you can comment below with a link to your Pinterest!

Happy pinning!

5 thoughts on “Time to Start Pinning!

  1. Oh my, I’m in love with Pinterest! Pinterest has basically made me prepared for getting married to teaching school (which I don’t want to do) to having my first child. It’s so much fun. Also, ever since I went to a one direction concert last year, I’ve been in love with Niall, so I see no shame or problem with you pinning pictures about him!

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