Crushed: Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard

My absolute favorite downtime in my hectic life is reading. With my Nook or Nook app on my iPhone always handy, I am always finding ways possible to be reading at any given free moment. I’ll even hide my phone to pull up my Nook app at work and read in between customers, but shhhhh!, don’t tell anyone!

My absolute favorite book series is Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars. When recently browsing through the Barnes and Nobles site for a new book to read, I came across Shepard’s recently released Crushed, book number 13 in the series. I immediately knew what my next purchase was going to be!

In true Shepard and Pretty Little Liars form, Crushed delivered page – turning suspense that led me wanting more. Shepard throws in enough twists and turns that the reader never knows what to expect. Then, just when the reader thinks all the pieces are coming together, an even bigger plot twist than even imaginable is thrown into play! No other book series is more of a page turner than this one. Crushed far exceeded that standard.

In the 13th novel in the series, the Pretty Little Liars – Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria – have discovered that their mysterious stalker, A, is not working alone. The girls each look into one person that could be A’s potential helper.

This puts Hanna back in her pink scrubs and volunteering at the burn clinic to wait for Graham to wake up from his coma. Hanna’s hoping he will be able to reveal who he saw stalking the girls on their cruise to Jamaica and who set the bomb off that put him in that coma. When Graham does wake up, on the night of the girls’ prom, can he tell Hanna what she wants to hear that puts A to rest?

As Aria is now dealing with hidden skeletons in her closet after a recent trip to Iceland, she must know investigate her boyfriend, typical Rosewood boy, Noel. As Aria now starts finding out more and more about Noel, their relationship begins to become very strained. Is Noel really who Aria thinks he is?

Emily, the most fearful liar, ends up somewhere she was never hoping to return – the metal hospital where Ali, and her sister Courtney, both stayed, The Preserve. Here, Emily must talk to Ali’s old roommate, Iris, who hasn’t been released in four years. Iris sees this an opportunity to better herself. Is Iris really going to be able to help the girls or is naive Emily letting A’s helper roam freely around around Rosewood and the King James Mall?

Lastly, Spencer decides to take on the biggest challenge of them all. Instead of investigating more of A’s helper, she plans on investigating more of Ali as A. This leads Spencer into digging up more dirt on a Rosewood conspiracy theory blog. Once Spencer meets the creator of the blog, Chase, she ends up digging him! Is Chase really going to be able to help unlock clues in the mystery of Ali as A, or is he helping Ali get more information on the Pretty Little Liars?

For the girls, and the reader, the pieces seemed to be coming together revealing who A’s helper is…

But have the girls really solved the mystery as to who A’s helper is, or is A always calling the shots? Find out now in Crushed, a must read for any Pretty Little Liars fan!


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