My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, “Sparkle and Shine” readers!

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So after all the incredible feedback from you through social media, I am going to jump right into your favorite thing about Monday…My Monday Musts!

1. “The Bachelor” Premiere

Hellllllo Juan Pablo! So, I will be honest – I have never watched a season of “The Bachelor” before. When most girls my age started to get into it, the episodes always aired during my YMCA swim team practices, so I never got to watch. My little, Amber, persuaded me to watch this season with her. So after last nights introduction episode, I am already hooked! We spent the commercial breaks on the phone with each other, discussing our opinions on everything. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode!! Tonight, Amber and I are going to start making our favorites list of the girls. I can’t wait for my newest TV addiction to take full swing!

juan pablo

2. “The Internship”

Ask any college student what they’re doing over winter break and it may sound similar to the Honey Boo quote that goes “I’m  relaxin’…eatin’…havin’ a great time.” The easiest way to relax over this break was through vegging out on the couch watching movies. One night I was looking for a comedy to watch and came across “The Internship.” Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson starred in it – and I figured it would be like a “Wedding Crashers” mixed with Google. The movie was much more light hearted and inspiring then I thought it was going to be, which, in my opinion, made the movie about two grown men interning for Google much better than I ever anticipated. No matter your age, or your mood, if you’re looking for a good movie to watch, check out “The Internship.”

the internship 2

3. Dream Moods App

One thing I have always been interested in has been the meaning behind my dreams. I think the subconscious is such a fascinating concept and can really help reveal a lot about ourselves. This past week I had been having some really crazy dreams and decided to get to the bottom of their meanings myself. This is 2014 so, of course, there is an app for that! I downloaded the Dream Moods app and each morning I search my dreams. I type in the word and BOOM a huge description comes up. The app even keeps a journal of my dreams via the history of what I have searched! Interested in the app? It’s free!

photo (4)

I hope the rest of your Monday is relaxin’ (still using that Honey Boo Boo reference)! Mine will be – a little facial and reading some “Seventeen” magazine before “The Bachelor.”

Happy Monday, readers!!


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