My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, “Sparkle and Shine” readers!

It’s midterms week here at Quinnipiac, so to say that I am STRESSED is an understatement. However, I was able to de-stress on Friday night with my sisters……

hs stereo

…and then Saturday night at a fellow Greek organization’s Philanthropy event, Q-Thon – a dance marathon which raises money for Connecticut Children’s Medicial Center. I will be writing a post about the incredible event later on this week.

Until then, meet Shemar – one of the little boys that I not only danced for – but danced with!


But in the meantime, my head can’t be stuck too much in Q-Thon mode, because I have three midterms, a monologue to memorize, a formal to plan, and much, much more. All I know is that come Friday, my mom will be here at Quinnipiac to pick Julia and I up and we will be well on our way back to good ole New Jersey to spend Spring Break relaxing at home with our family. I love my family more than anything so I am so excited to go and celebrate my birthday with them, see my cousin’s karate ceremony, and much more.

Until next week’s Monday Musts that will be posted from the comfort of my bed, here are this week’s Monday Musts!

1. First ever Starbucks trip

What kind of girl am I that never had Starbucks? Well, two year ago I had my gall bladder removed and ever since then, coffee doesn’t always sit well with me. It’s always a toss up if it will or won’t, so I never tested it and had Starbucks. After my ADPi conference that I will be sharing more about this week, we stopped at Starbucks. I neeeeeded it to stay awake after only getting 7 hours of sleep that whole weekend. I got a mocha frappuccino and now I am in love! Looks like I’m joining the ranks of all other girls in America and becoming addicted to Starbucks!


2. My first ever time being ON AIR LIVE!!

In a previous  edition of My Monday Musts, I shared with you all the exciting news that I was selected to be one of the three weather girls for my school’s TV station! This past Wednesday, I finally go to go on live for Q30 share the weather report. It was my first time EVER going live on TV! It was such a rush and such a reminder that this is exactly what I want to do with the rest of my  life. To check out my first ever weather report, here is Wednesday, Feb. 26’s edition of Q30 News!

3. My friend, Pat, started a blog

Honestly,  I love talking about “Sparkle and Shine” and all things blogging related. I love talking about my blog, giving&getting advice from other bloggers, and talking about the different benefits I have received from blogging (hellllo Seventeen Magazine contract for the Seventeen Social Club!). So when one of my good friends, Pat, texted me and told me he wanted to started a sports blog – I was so excited! Pat’s been working so hard to get his blog, Bar Down Sports, up and running. So, readers, please check it out here!


Before I leave you all to go back to hitting the books, I just wanted to share with you all a little quote that has been getting me through this week:

lawlah insta

Good luck with midterms, enjoy your spring break, and keep sparkling!


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