My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

I know this is much later than when I post my Monday Musts, but this week is already super hectic. I had a great weekend and actually got to experience one of the coolest things I have ever experienced! At Quinnipiac’s Saturday night hot spot, Toads, I got to go into the DJ booth for the main dance floor and even got to do some shoutouts on the microphone.

I’ve been up there one time before to wish my best friend, Julia, a happy birthday, but this time I spent most of my night in the DJ booth. It was so cool! If you follow me on Instagram, you can view a video of it here. Of course, I sent out many snapchats – including this embarrassing one that I saved –

toads dj


Now this weekend, I am going home and I can’t be more excited. My train ticket just came in the mail today (I’m trying this new thing where I am super prepared ahead of time, so I bought the ticket already) and I’m just so excited to go home. Plus, I’ll get to see my family to celebrate my grandparent’s 50th anniversary!

But, before I continue on with essays, memorizing a monologue, and an Alpha Delta Pi event tonight, I want to share with you all this week’s Monday Musts!




Just like life, I’m going to throw a curveball at you. This week was so stressful and hectic for me, I honestly have done nothing but go to the library, do homework, and get through each day that I have nothing to share with you all. Life threw me more than a handful of curveballs this past few weeks, so I’ve been focusing on getting everything in place with my life that I haven’t gotten to do much that can be considered a Monday Musts.

So the only Monday Musts I have is to tell you that you must take your time to relax, focus on yourself, be your own happiness, and get some sleep.  After my crazy week and other events from life, that’s the true Musts I have found to getting through this crazy thing we called life.

Before I sign off this week, if you are stressed this week just like I have been, I just want to share with you an amazing quote one of my sisters shared with the our Executive Board – “It might be the end of their worlds, but don’t let it be the end of yours.”

Enjoy your week, readers! Keep sparkling, no matter what!


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