The World Needs More Airheads!

Let’s get real here – we’ve all acted like an airhead at least once in our lives.

Let’s be even more real here – at least once this past week.

Drive away with coffee on top of your car? Walk into a glass door? Lock yourself inside a room?

Yup, been there, done that.

Except now, thanks to those embarrassing moments, you can be featured in an Airheads Commercial!



On February 24th, Airheads launched their first-ever mass marketing campaign celebrating the real life, daily mishaps that make us all laugh. However, instead of celebrities starring in their commercials, Airheads is asking YOU to be featured in future advertising for the campaign!

Airheads recently scoured around Vine looking for some of the funniest videos to be featured in the current commercials, but now they want YOU to be featured in the future commercials!

To potentially be featured in future advertising for Airheads, all you have to do is submit a video of you being a complete airhead on the campaign’s Tumblr page. All videos submitted that capture the funniness of true airheadedness will be featured on the site. The top three videos will be used in upcoming TV commercials.

Sounds awesome right?! Well, here is how to enter:

1. Upload an Instagram video, Vine, or YouTube video of your airhead moment.

2. Tag the video with #AirheadsNeeded

3. Visit Airheads’ Tumblr page and upload your video to enter to win:

If you want to know more about the chewy, tangy, bright colored candy – check out their website here.

Sounds awesome right?! Now, get out there and capture those hilarious moments!

If you enter, readers, comment below and let me know! Or, let me know what your favorite flavor of Airheads is!


DISCLOSURE: This is a compensated sponsored post . However, all opinions are my own.

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