My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

My goodness – it’s my last full week of classes of my sophomore year of college. With that being said, my life this week will be spent even more in the library than normal, with hours of preparing for finals next week. I don’t know if I will get to any other posts this week, readers. For that, I thoroughly apologize.

However, once I get home for the summer – expect many, many posts! I have so many post ideas for the summer, which I can’t wait to write and share for you all to enjoy.

This past week has been quite an incredible one, that determining what would go into My Monday Musts has been SUPER hard.

My sorority won the Greek Cup at Quinnipiac – which deems us the best sorority on campus according to Fraternity & Sorority affairs, as well as the Scholastic Commitment award. With our last chapter of the semester being yesterday, and the last chapter with the Class of 2014, it is safe that I absolutely love my sorority with all my heart.

I also went on an incredible hike with some of my sisters! For me, I’m much more of an in-door elliptical type of person than an outside person, but it was still so fun!

Hope you enjoyed your April 25th…..


… and now it is time for this week’s Monday Musts!

1. Greek

Any spare second I have has been spent watching ABC Family’s hit show “Greek” on Netflix. I went through the entire first season within two days and am now almost done with season two. The fictional show is based at Cyprus-Rhodes University in Ohio. It follows are siblings Rusty and Casey Cartwright as the endure the Greek system. It features many stereotypes of Greek life within the fictional sororities and fraternities. There’s love triangles, mixers, and plenty of laughs to spare. Next to “Duck Dynasty,” this is my new favorite show and I am completely obsessed. If you’re looking for a new show to start on Netflix – start “Greek” ASAP!

greek tv show

2. This Weekend

The last weekend before finals is always THE greatest weekend at college. It’s your last true weekend together with all of your best friends before you go home for three months for summer. It’s full of crazy memories that you will MAKE your college year. For me, it was not only the last weekend with some of my best friends since they are going abroad for the fall semester, but it was also the first time spending this spring weekend with my little diamond and my best friend from home. There is no need for me to explain about it all, so why don’t I just show you some pictures?!

best friends

may weekend1

may weekend 2

may weekend 3

3. My Last Weather Forecast of the Semester

One of my greatest accomplishments of this semester was being the weather girl for my school’s television station, Q30. On Wednesday, I filmed my last weather forecast of the year. I can’t even tell you how happy doing the weather made me. It was just the start of my broadcasting career – and I can’t wait for what is it come for the rest of the semester. Learn more about Quinnipiac in our last newscast of the semester! (Also, here’s a funny story-so I showed up in my dress completely forgetting that the floral print had green leaves on it – which I couldn’t have against the green screen. When I stood in front of it, the states were coming through my dress and I then had to sprint across campus in my heels – what a typical Sami move).

Also, I received the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award from Liza of Classy and Curly. You can check it out HERE.

Have an amazing week, readers! With finals coming up, remember to inhale the best and exhale the stress. Keep sparkling!


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