Whoops, I’ve Instagrammed Everything Buzzfeed Told Me Not To

Buzzfeed recently published an article called The Things No One Wants to See You Instagram and whoops, I’ve done them all at one point or another.

Saying I’ve had Instagram for two years probably won’t help the fact that I still made Buzzfeed’s vital mistakes – but here are my Instagrams of everything I shouldn’t be Instagramming.

FYI readers, most of them are from the very beginning when I got my Instagram during high school. Soooo don’t let these posts hinder you from following me on Instagram! You can do so: here.

1.  Food

food 3

2. Self Shots


3. Your Feet/Shoes


4. Garbage


5. Nothing


6. You Being Bored


7. Someone else’s picture

someone elses picture

8. Clouds


9. You Being Artsy


10. Inside a bathroom



Some of them may have been stretches – like the garbage picture being a note from my friend Megan. More importantly, my nothing photo being of the beautiful Central Park (but did I really need to Instagram that 16 months ago?  Probably not).   Either way, we’ve all made these Instagram mistakes at least once in a while (though I must admit my mirror picture with the shower CLEARLY behind us all is a pretty big mistake). Though I don’t Instagram One Direction any more, I still may post a selfie or a wanna-be-artsy picture from time to time!

How many of these Instagram mistakes have you made? Comment below and let me know!



9 thoughts on “Whoops, I’ve Instagrammed Everything Buzzfeed Told Me Not To

  1. hahaha i love this! i have instagrammed things that buzzfeed told me not to. #badasshere

    • Hi Kelly,

      As much as it said what not to Instagram, it never said what TO Instagram. I mean, I always thought that selfies were always appropriate, but apparently not! LOL

      Happy Wednesday!


    • Haha that made me feel so much better! At first when I was going through their list, I couldn’t believe how guilty I was of making these mistakes.

      Glad to know it’s not just me though!

      Happy Wednesday!


    • What type of phone do you have? Thank gosh for other social media because I know I post photos like these on Twitter, too. Especially the stereotypical Starbucks pictures. LOL

      Have a great weekend, Chelsea!


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