My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

Hope you all had an amazing week. For any recent college graduates, congratulations!

This week has been pretty exciting for “Sparkle and Shine.”

First off, I reached my 100th post about my Instagram the photos Buzzfeed has told me not to. You can read that post here. I can’t believe that I have reached 100 posts and all that has come in these few months of blogging. Thank you so much for reading “Sparkle and Shine” – I wouldn’t be able to get where I am, without all of you amazing readers!

Also, I decided to use some of my new photo editing skills and change the banner! What do you think?

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Now stay up to date by checking out this week’s Monday Musts!

1. “Psychos”

Last Monday, in My Monday Musts, I told you about the book I couldn’t put down – “White Girl Problems.” I finished following the fictional author of the book through her first journey, prior to having to go to rehab for a $200,000 shopping meltdown in Barney’s. Now, I’m starting the second novel by Babe, “Psychos,” which follows her as she tackles life after rehab. Only on page 100, I’ve already laughed hysterically more times than I can count. Sometimes it’s good to read about a “Psycho,” have a laugh, and realize that these white girl problems may sound very similar to yours. If you need me during any of my spare time this week, I’ll be reading this novel!


2. Alpha Delta Pi Founders Day

My sorority celebrated 163 years of being the first and the finest on May 15th. On May 15th, 1851 our founders created our secret society, which would ultimately end up changing my life by joining and the lives of many other women around the country. To honor the day our six sisters started Alpha Delta Pi, we celebrate Founders Day. Since it’s the summertime, my Theta Theta sisters and I are scattered throughout the U.S. in our home states. However, based on the amazing bond that we share thanks to our ritual, our memories, and so much more, we were still able to celebrate how thankful we are for our founders.

theta theta

3. The “Legally Blonde” soundtrack

Earlier this week, I was feeling some throwbacks and girl empowerment – what better than the “Legally Blonde” movie soundtrack? Elle Woods was able to tackle any obstacle thrown her way with perfect hair, so why can’t I?! I decided to blast the soundtrack, courtesy of YouTube, and belt out all the songs in the shower. Starting with the perfect happiness song “Perfect Day” to the perfect empowerment song “Watch Me Shine.” After singing along, I walked away from the concert I just put on in the shower feeling ready to tackle anything. It’s my new go-to song list and recommend it to all of you, readers!

legally blonde


Now I’m off to work to start the week. Reason I’m in such a good mood? Because I ended my long Sunday with a FaceTime date with my little diamond, Amber! I’m missing my college best friends so it’s always great to FaceTime to catch up!

Have an amazing week, readers! Keep sparkling!


3 thoughts on “My Monday Musts

    • Hi Reesa!

      Thank you so much for checking out “Sparkle and Shine.”

      The “Legally Blonde” soundtrack is definitely the type of music that instantly puts you in a great mood.

      Happy hump day and enjoy the rest of your week!


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