Bringing my Pinterest Board to Life: CINDERELLA WEDDING XO

Ask me how I spend my (rare) spare time and I will tell you one place: Pinterest.

Since I shared my first pinning adventure with you all, over a year ago, I have found everything I have ever needed on this site – from what I make my best friends for their birthdays, my favorite quotes that I set my phone’s lock screen to, and get ideas for every one of my bulletin boards as an RA. So, I decided to start a new group of posts entitled “Bringing My Pinterest Board to Life.”

So come jump inside my brain and my Pinterest Board, entitled “CINDERELLA WEDDING XO,” to learn all about my future wedding.


Like many other little girls, I have always dreamed about my wedding day. The big, white wedding dress, the beautiful church, and every other moment of the most special day of my life. Every other girl I know has know been able to transform this once day dream into a Pinterest broard filled with every detail she imagined from a young age.

Check out some of my favorite details. If you like them for your own wedding board, check out the pink “PIN HERE!” on each photo.

So one way that I want my Cinderella wedding to really come to life is by having a horse drawn carriage. I love this pin because of how the carriage is decorated with flowers and lights.

Pinterest offers a variety of different photo shoot ideas and this is one that I absolutely love! I would change it up, however, and do it on my actual wedding day, with my bridesmaids in their bridesmaids dresses (which will be Cinderella blue, of course) and me in my wedding gown.

 One of my favorite parts of the Pinterest wedding section is all of the ways it allows you to honor a deceased loved one. This pin encompasses two details I would want to honor my deceased father at my wedding. First, I would want to have my something blue be a piece of a blue shirt of his, cut out in the shape of a heart, sewn in right where my heart is. Then, on my bouquet, would feature a photo of him, my two great grandmas, and my grandma. Danielle Jonas did this as a way to remember her loved ones at her wedding and it’s become very popular ever since! Plus, I would have my Alpha Delta Pi pin on the bouquet, just like this pin shows:

Based on the way I need caffeine now, I can’t imagine how much I will need pumping through my veins many, many years from now on my wedding day! According to Pinterest, if you go to Starbucks and tell them it’s your wedding – you get a free coffee! That’s definitely an opportunity I won’t be passing up! Some other fun wedding hacks I found on Pinterest include mailing an invitation to the President to receive a congratulatory letter from him and the First Lady (or Her and the First Man, possibly by the time I get married!) or send an invitiation to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to receive an autographed “just married” button.

My dream is to have a full wedding party – including a flower girl and ring barrier! I would love for my flower girl to have a big, puffy dress like this gorgeous one shown above.

To continue to stick with the Cinderella theme, I love these customized dress hangers! They would be so cute to have to keep my wedding dress on, as well as ones for my my bridesmaids – each one saying Bridesmaid in the wire script!

For those who are actually getting married soon, Pinterest offers a variety of different helpful ways to plan your wedding, including budgeting, how tos, and so much more! This pin shows how to plan a wedding in 17 simple steps, including statistics and ideas to help you create your own dream day. Pinterest also offers a variety of other helpful information, such as the hidden cost of a wedding, the official list of who pays for what, and ten things to do the night before your wedding.

Now it looks like I’m only missing one key part…. THE BOY…whoops!

Well, until then, I have my perfect Pinterest board to help me put together the big day-even though it isn’t for many more years (don’t worry, mom).


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