Sami’s Holiday Guide: Reasons Why I Love You Mason Jar

holiday guide

As the total sorority girl that I am, I love to craft gifts for people.

Crafting is a great way to make a personal gift for someone who love, while expressing yourself. I also find it as a great stress reliever.

For Amber, as most of you know is my little diamond, I recently crafted a mason jar to hold all of the reasons I love her and she is the perfect little for me!


Tell your best friend, your big, your little, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents, anyone how much you love them with this mason jar craft.

Supplies for this craft include a mason jar, decorate flower or what you chose to place on the top, ribbon, hot glue, Popsicle sticks, and decorative letters.

Here’s how:

Glue decorative ribbon onto a plain piece of ribbon. I used white and rhinestone to go with the color scheme I was using for the mason jar.

1126Make sure you hot glue so it stays together for longer, verses Elmer’s glue. This craft is going to require a lot of hot glue, so make sure you have enough hot glue sticks!

1128You need to then continue the prep work by decorating the lid of the mason jar.

1136I bought a flower from the headband section of Joann’s. For the decorative piece of top, you can truly explore the craft store – even items you already have around your house or dorm room. You want this piece to be something pretty and truly draws your eye to the craft when completed.

1137Hot glue the bottom of the decorative piece to stick onto the lid.

1140Firmly press the decorative piece onto the mason jar’s lid. You want to make sure it stays!

1150Then, hot glue the back of your ribbon to hot glue it around the now completed lid.

1157Now, it is time to start decorating the mason jar itself. On the jar, write whatever you want to label it! Label it as “Why I Love You,” “Reasons I Love You,” or whatever else your heart desires. I went with “Reasons Your Big Loves You” on Amber’s mason jar. To make it easier for myself, I pulled all the letters off of the sticker sheet first.

1164Then, I put hot glue on the back of the letters….
1171…and then I stuck them onto the jar!

1174Now, it is time to get sentimental! On Popsicle sticks, write all of the reasons why you love that person! It was Amber’s 20th birthday, so I wrote 20 different reasons as to why she is the perfect little for me. Here are some examples, as I wrote them on with a Sharpie marker (in blue, notice, to continue with the color scheme):

And ta-da, my sparkling readers, it’s done!





If you make the Reason I Love You mason jar, tell me about it in the comments below.

Happy crafting and happy holiday season!

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