Holy throwback….

So when I was home for winter break, my mom and I found my laptop from freshman, sophomore, and junior year of high school. For giggles, I decided to go through it and instead I found more than I bargained for (ten points to anyone who picked up on the attempt at a throwback Panic! At the Disco lyric). I found a bunch of saved tumblr quotes, Limewire viruses, and my sweet sixteen candle speeches.

But most importantly, I found webcam photos, selfies, and awkward photos that I can promise you are no where on Facebook. In believing that laughter is the best medicine and it’s best to always laugh at yourself, I decided to share 10 of those pictures with you all – all unedited, unashamed, and apologetically.


This is more embarrassing for 2015 Sami and not 2010 Sami because I cried looking at my hair in this photo. R.I.P to my long, luscious locks. I miss you and have been trying to get your for years.


Smooches and snuggies on the webcam must have been cute at the time. Maybe? Probably not.


Gotta have my turkey sandwich before swim meets – it goes best with very glittery eye shadow, if you couldn’t tell.


Cami underneath the v-neck and heavy on the eyeliner ALL around the eye… MUST be a 2009 picture. Hellllllllo, freshman year of high school. 


What’s more embarrassing – the fact that this Halloween costume smelled a little like hockey player B.O. no matter how many times I washed it (sorry, Danny, but it did) or the black, gold, silver rhinestone bedazzled enV I’m taking the mirror selfie with? 

 first time driving with license

First time driving with my license without my mom in the car calls for a picture…obv. See that look of panic on my face? Yeah, the drivers on the road probably had the same.


#TBT to when was a thing. Well, my friends Brenda, Amanda, and I (who used to call ourselves Snooki, JWoww & Sammi Sweetheart) decided to truly become them thanks to that website.


Check out my permit!!!!!!! 2 kewl 4 u. 


Ugh, ooVoo pictures were THE thing to do. I had a whole album entitled “WEBCAMMMMMM” on my laptop, full of ooVoo pictures of me and my friends. The most, er, interesting one was probably this one of me and my friend Shannon. I don’t think we knew what we were doing then…. but that flower did play music when you plugged your iPod into it.


I mean, this one is pretty normal. Just s0oo0o0 2010 for the fact that it is B&W and on a webcam. Two thumbs up for webcam pics!

Hope your #tbt is filled with an Instagram feed more of cute baby pictures than embarrassing high school selfies. I would love to see YOUR #tbt to this week – so either link it in the comments or comment “@samiiiiiixo” on your picture so I get the notification to check it out!proper size signature

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