Must Make Valentine’s Day Desserts

Hello, readers!

You know I love different holiday themed desserts, so I decided to find some yummy ones to make for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest.

valentine's day desserts

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies | Heart Shaped Rice KrispieOreo Truffle Hearts | Red Velvet Brownie Hearts

Why not enjoy these delicious desserts with your favorite gal pals and celebrate Galentine’s Day! Check out how my best friends and I celebrated last year – filled with a Valentine’s Day gift swap, called Secret Cupid, and an anti-Valetine’s Day party. Why not do something similar and mix in these yummy treats? Sounds like a blast!

This year, however, I will be going home and celebrating with my seven year old cousin who asked me to be his Valentine. I mean, he’s the only boy I need in my life anyway, so why not spend the day with him and the rest of my family?!

Let me know what you’re doing on V-Day by commenting below!


5 thoughts on “Must Make Valentine’s Day Desserts

  1. Those rice krispie treats in a heart shape look so cute! I made my husband tiramisu for valentine’s day because it’s his absolute favorite dessert!

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