My Monday Musts

monday musts

Happy, happy Monday readers!

So today’s Monday Musts are going to be super short because I’m running out the door for work. When I could have been working on this week’s post, I decided to start editing my first ever vlog!

My heart starts pounding every time I say that word and relate it back to Sparkle and Shine. I mean, two years ago I started this blog and now I’m taking on the video blogging world. I’ve watched YouTuber after YouTuber deciding what I want to do and how I want to do it. So last night I finally sat down, opened up Windows Movie Maker, and started editing together clips, sound bites, and pictures.

I still have a little left to finish up so I can post about my Tim McGraw concert vlog, but until then, check out this super cute Instagram from this past Friday when I reunited with my BFFs. And of course, make sure to follow me on Twitter so you can see when the vlog finally does get published!

Until then!

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