I got published on Total Sorority Move, finished my first semester of grad school & more life updates….


It’s been less than ten days since my last post, but I feel like I’ve been away from Sparkle and Shine for so much longer – so long that this should be coming via a message in a bottle.

Okay, that was a tad dramatic, but hey – what’s new?

In the days that I been gone, I’ve jotted down a long list of ideas for different posts and even some video blogs. While I prepare my go-to photog, my mom, for all of the different posts, I wanted to share some quick life updates with you on what’s happened these past few days….

First off, I finished my first semester of grad classes! And though I did an online class during the school year, this semester was nothing like I was expecting. It was so hard to sit down on my computer and not do Sparkle and Shine work, aimlessly scroll through Instagram, or watch some of my favorite video bloggers. At school, I would always go to the library or a local coffee shop to zone in and get work done. At home, where I was too tempted to go out with friends when I would leave the house or be lazy if I stayed in my pajamas all day, I had absolutely no motivation.

But hey, life happens. Brushing over that information cause I am so, so, SO pumped to announce is that I am now freelancing for the satirical site Total Sorority Move as FratRatsNeverDie.

Even before I joined Greek Life, I looked up to these writers – they had such a way with words, that would make me laugh and impress with going places no other writer would go before. They were blunt, they were sassy, they were honest – and I loved it. I always dreamed of getting published for their site and now I am freelancing for them!

Plus, my first article, Frat Rats Never Die, was the number fifth most popular article the day it was published and the day after. I’ve also top eight or higher on the site’s “Most Active” list.

Depending on how much I end up getting published, I am currently not planning on posting each week the way I did with my “Hollywood Hump Day” treats when I interned at  TheCelebrityCafe.com. As of now, make sure to follow me on Twitter to find out a post by me gets published!

As for other updates, well, I don’t have many. So per usual, that part was a little bit over dramatic too – just like the tears I shed since I’m not back at school and am having major FOMO. I’m distracting myself by trying to find the perfect choker, I took to Twitter and it seems that plenty of you guys knew tons of places for me to check out. Even Francesca’s tweeted at me about coming in to take a look. So now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect velvet choker and one with a Hamsa…. I’ll keep you updated and do a post on it, don’t worry!

Anything exciting happen for you recently? I’d love to hear about it below! Talking to you guys is my favorite!

(Also looking up gifs for this, I wanted to find one from the old ABC Family “Greek”- clearly, I couldn’t find one. Then, I decided I wanted to watch an episode or two on Netflix of the show and it wasn’t on. So let’s just say, I’m not emotionally stable right now).

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