My Monday Musts: ADPis in Wonderland

Happy Monday, readers!

So this past Friday, my Alpha Delta Pi sisters and I celebrated our formal. As our Director of Social Enrichment, I was the one who planned formal – from coming up with the theme, doing decorations and guest lists, and every other possible detail you can think of. I love party planning, so no matter how stressful the event got, I still had an amazing time with my amazing sisters.

If you can remember back to our Great Gatsby themed semi formal, I shared ten of my favorite photos of the night with ten of my favorite Gatsby quotes in a special edition of My Monday Musts. Well, after how much success that post had, I decided to do one similar to that in honor of ADPis in Wonderland!

1. ”You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.”

adpi wonderland 4

Most of you have seen my best friend, Ben, posted on here many times before. Ben is pretty much brother, so it was so great to have him along with a bunch of our other friends come and visit me and take pictures with me before formal!

2. “In my world, the books would be nothing without pictures.” 

adpi wonderland 3

It was my little diamond’s first formal! It was so much fun taking on formal with Amber. Kisses to her for all the work she did to help me make it so amazing!

3. “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

adpi wonderland 2

My favorite thing about my big diamond, Katherine, and little diamond, Amber, is that we can always be crazy and be our absolute selves around each other. So we can all be a little crazy together. And shoutout to our sister, Jess, for photobombing and making the picture even more entertaining!

4. “Curioser and curiouser.” 

adpi wonderland 1

Who needs a boy when your best friend is your soulmate? Julia is my person, for all of you Grey’s Anatomy fans who are catching onto my lingo. We never got to go to prom together since we are in different grades, so it was so much fun to put on our senior prom dresses and go together!

5. “Where should I go?” “Well, it depends on where you want to end up.”


Thank you Tony for keeping me laughing when anything got stressful and for all that you helped me with!

6. “No, I don’t mean impassible. Nothing’s impossible.”

adpi wonderrland 10

Not going to lie, Amber and I were taking so many awesome pictures. I’m so happy we got such awesome ones, like this hugging one, for our first formal together!

7. “How long is forever?” “Sometimes, just one second.”

adpi wonderland 9

Besides our (honestly) candid laughing photo from before, we also needed a good smiling picture of us. Thank you for everything, J. I love you!

8. “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” 

adpi wonderland 7

One of my sisters, Emily, brought one of our best friends, Megan, to formal with her! It was so awesome to have one of my non-Greek affiliated friends experience the night of a Greek organization, especially when it was an event I put on!

9. “That’s impossible.” “Only if you believe it is.” 

adpi wonderland 6

So last year at formal, Katherine, and her big diamond, Katie, and I decided it would be funny to throw up some peace signs. It’s been a joke for the three of us for as long as I can remember. Now that Amber is my little diamond, we couldn’t help but take one as the four of us. Katie is a grad student at QU, so it’s so awesome that she can come back for events to take pictures with us!

10. “It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!” 

apdi wonderland 8

I love candid photos, so I just had to share this one of me and Sam. Just like Tony, Sam was able to help me so much when the event got stressful and even was there to wipe a few tears.

Next week, I will be back to my normal list of Monday Musts. Hope you enjoyed this special edition. If you are interested in more pictures of myself and my beautiful sisters, search #ADPisinWonderland on Twitter and Instagram.

Enjoy your week, readers! Keep sparkling!


My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

Hope you all stayed warm this week, “Sparkle and Shine” readers! I got to spend my week in the snow with some of my best friends and sisters – thanks to all the snow Connecticut has gotten this week. Check out another post coming up this week about all the movies I Netflix binged on during this snowy week.

I had so much fun – even though I am sick this week, I’m so not regretting the good times in the snow! We even “borrowed” some lunch trays to go sledding with. If you follow me on Instagram, you can watch the video of Jamie and I sledding with the trays!

snow day

snow sisters

And now with another snow storm looming over Connecticut, I present you with this week’s Monday Musts:

1. Alpha Delta Pi Decal

As I said, snow here in Connecticut has been super crazy. When I opened up a package from my mom – which thankfully included a new phone charger – there also was a letter from one of my sponsors, Jacqueline! I had previously posted about Jacqueline’s Etsy shop and being the fabulous woman that she is, she sent me back a thank you note which included this decal! I was so excited – it was like Jacqueline had read my mind, because I was planning on buying a new one soon. Plus, it’s set up like a monogram – which EVERY sorority girl loves! Meet Jacqueline in this post and make sure to check out her blog and her Etsy shop to order decals like mine!


2. My Formal Date

Based on yesterday’s post about how I’m living that single girl life, that put me in quite a predicament for formal dates. But hey, my formal date doesn’t have to be my boy toy. Instead, I decided to ask my best friend, Julia! A lot of other sisters will bring their best friends, so I figured, why not bring Julia. Julia is a year younger than me, so we never got a chance to put on pretty long dresses and go to prom together. Now, when my Alice in Wonderland themed formal comes rolling around, Julia and I can finally both put on our long dresses and get all dolled up together. Just because I was bringing my best friend didn’t mean that I couldn’t still do it in a fun way. So, I wrote a note, on Alpha Delta Pi stationary, that read “Julia, since we never got to go to prom and DANCE, will you be my date to ADPi formal BY ANY CHANCE?” and attached it to her favorite tea. I put it at her spot for yearbook, so when she walked in and went to sit down, it was the first thing she saw. I can’t wait for formal with my best friend!!


3. And the giveaway winner is…..

Sam Edwards, a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, won the giveaway! According to the raffle copter results, which pick a winner at random, it was Sam’s tweet about the giveaway that won my first giveaway for the Go Greek Pro app. Happy Monkey Apps, the sponsor of the giveaway, has been excellent to work with. I would also like to thank Caro for helping me post the giveaway! For the other entrants that did not win, I still recommend spending the money to download the ap. I hope you enjoy the app, Sam, I sure did!

photo 1

So now, after finish typing this week’s Monday Musts, I’m seeing that it was very sorority related. I didn’t even plan on doing that. But while I continue to talk about sorority life, and bring it to your attention if you didn’t notice that this post unintentionally had a sorority theme, I think I realized why ended up being a sorority girl thanks to THIS TSM post!

Have a great week, readers! Keep sparkling!