90’s TV Teen Queens I STILL Want to Be

After recently browsing aimlessly on BuzzFeed, I came across a post that fed into my decade long “Saved by the Bell” obsession. In the post, it listed 12 reasons as to why every girl wanted to be Kelly Kapowski. Reading the word “wanted” had me shocked. I STILL want to be Kelly Kapowski!

The 90’s girl in me was screaming. Even in 2013, I still have a guilty pleasure for 90’s television – planning my schedule around reruns and collecting seasons of shows, such as “Full House,” “Boy Meets World,” and “Saved by the Bell” on DVD.

After going through each reason and completely agreeing as to why life as Kelly Kapowski would be absolutely ideal, I couldn’t help but think of five other 90’s television teen queens that I would still love to be!

1. Cher Horowitz
cher horowitz
With her Beverly Hill mansion, dream wardrobe, and carefree lifestyle, Cher had it all! Her days revolved around matchmaking, shopping, and spending time with her best friend, Dionne. No matter what mistake Cher made, she always ended up back on top and happy in the end. “Clueless” made Cher the real life 90’s TV Barbie! So don’t tell me you never thought about being Cher and having her perfect lifestyle, because I only have one thing to say to that…. As if!

2. Topanga Lawrence
topanga lawrence
Any 90’s girl learned about self-confidence through the one and only Topanga. She always stuck true to who she was – even if that meant drawing a heart in lipstick on her face in Corey’s kitchen as a pre-teen. In episodes of “Boy Meets World,” as a teenager, Topanga battled with finding out who she really was through her clothing, hair, weight, and getting married in college. No matter what was said, Topanga always stayed true to herself proving how much happiness could be achieved by not caring what others think. With such self confidence, any girl would love to be her.

3. Joey Potter
joey porter
Joey Potter is the definition of 90’s “girl next door.” She was sweet, she was innocent, and she still managed to capture the hearts of both Dawson Leery and Pacey Witter. Joey had a way of getting any boy she wanted to like her – even her college professor. Joey proved on “Dawson’s Creek” that no matter what happens in life, you need to keep moving on. Joey dealt with her mother’s death, father’s drug dealing, breaking hearts, heart break, and much more. To know that no matter what happens, you will continue to be so strong – and get every cute boy in sight – Joey Potter makes life look easy!

4. Jessie Spano
jessie spano
Proving that a girl can do absolutely anything, Jessie Spano took 90’s TV by storm. In “Saved by the Bell,” Jessie showed how awesome it is to be a girl – and made sure to share with her hunk of a boyfriend, A.C. Slater, how equal males and females are. Jessie was class president, a cheerleader, on the swim team, and smart. Jessie took on anything she could, and always succeeded with a feminist attitude. Years later, these “Saved by the Bell” reruns still show girls to never let sexism get in the way. Who wouldn’t love to spread such positive messages and be great at everything they do?!

5. Donna Martin
donna martin
Donna Martin was the “90210” starlet who brought you the most iconic line from the 90’s series, “Donna Martin graduates!” Donna faced struggles, such as rebelling to deal with a learning disorder, getting drunk at prom which led to almost not graduating, and catching her mother cheating on her father. However, she had one of the greatest support systems in TV history to help her get through it all. Her handsome boyfriend, David, (who she ends up marrying), and her beautiful best friends, Brenda and Kelly, were always by her side. Donna always stayed positive and kept up her easy-going attitude proving that happiness is always what counts. Her happiness and positive attitude is why Donna Martin is the fifth 90’s TV teen queen on my list!