What I wore & how I was asked to a fraternity Christmas party

Ho, ho, ho readers!

Are you in the holiday spirit? I know that even with finals being right around the corner, I am makings sure that I am with Christmas music, candy canes, and holiday pajamas.

Right after giving gifts to those that I love, my favorite part of the holiday is the Christmas parties! I love the ugly sweaters, the red dresses, and decorative earrings.

Last week, my best friend and I went to his fraternity’s Christmas party and I wanted to share the look with you all:





Dress: Red Lace Fit and Flare dress from DressbarnShoes: Embellished caged heel from Lane Bryant 

And weeks before the event even happened, Paul had asked me by surprising me with a festive stocking! Weeks earlier, I had asked him to my sorority semi formal with donuts. Here’s how he asked me, complete with a festive puppy stocking (since we call each other puppy):


puppy stocking

See mom, it looks like being on the naughty list for all of these years has finally paid off!

Do you have any Christmas parties coming up? What about ugly sweater parties? Share your looks with me down below!

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Hey sorority gals, The Collegiate Standard is having a give away!

Hey, readers, The Collegiate Standard is having a giveaway and you need to enter!

And I mean need to just as much as you desperately need that morning coffee….

The Collegiate Standard is currently hosting a Heart to Heart Sorority giveaway. The awesome Greek life jewelry company is giving away two heart pendants to one lucky sorority gal.

The giveaway is all about why you love that sister who is always there for you no matter what – whether it be your big, little, or someone from your pledge class! No only is it an awesome way of reminding yourself of why you’re so in love with your sorority (like you really need that reminder anyway), but it is super easy to enter.

  1. Just head on over to their Instagram page and throw them a follow.
  2. From there, check out the picture for the giveaway.
  3. In the comments section of the pic, tag a sister that you love and say why you love them.
  4. As soon as you hit send, you’re entered to win! Easy, right?

The giveaway ends this Friday, the 13th, and the winner will be announced the same day.

But don’t wait until Friday to wear their beautiful jewelry – Head on over to their website, shop around, and use coupon code SAMI10 to get 10% off your order!

Hope you have a great Wednesday, your coffee is strong, and one of you win this awesome giveaway!

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Sami’s Holiday Guide: Treat Holiday Cards

holiday guide


Hello, readers!

In about one month it’ll be Christmas Eve – which means that the next 30 days will be filled with shopping trips, crafting, and online shopping to make sure that you have the perfect presents for friends and loved ones for the holiday season.

However, with daily life stressors – this can become rather hard. This is why I am stepping in and creating Sami’s Holiday Guide to help you all find the perfect gifts, crafts, and more for this holiday season!

In the first installment of Sami’s Holiday Guide, check out the perfect place to make all of your holiday cards – Treat.

Treat is a subcategory of Shutterfly, the popular photo gift site. Treat offers a variety of different options for your holiday cards this season. You can shop by certain recipient for your holiday card, such as grandparents. The site also offers a variety of photo or non-photo cards for different holiday occasions. The new feature, the card multiplier, allows you to make a personalized card and then duplicate the card for multiple recipients.  Treat prides itself on being personal, convenient, and helpful.


I worked with Treat recently – and can gladly say that the site truly is personal, convenient, and helpful.

Four of the most important people in my life have birthdays within weeks of each other – my mom, my big, my little, and my best friend. I worked with Treat to personalize birthday cards for each of them. Check them out!

My mom’s card:




My big’s card:

1033 1034 1036 1037 1035 1038

My little’s card:

1196 1197 1200 1201 1199

My best friend’s card:




As you can see, the cards came out absolutely amazing! They all loved their cards – they add a much more sentimental touch than any card I could have bought at a Hallmark store. More importantly, I loved the quality of each card. Plus, they came in super quick.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy a card from a site other than Treat, including my holiday cards! Stop by the site to place your order for holiday cards and stay with “Sparkle and Shine” to see what else will be added to the gift guide!




Christmas Dessert Ideas 2

christmas desserts 2

I recently shared with you, readers, the first round of holiday desserts, but here are some more fun Pinterest desserts to try and make!

Clause Cupcakes / Melting Snowman Cookies  / Peppermint Crumble Bars

Let me know if you end up making them. I would love to hear about it! Just comment below.

Happy baking!

And remember to check out the site The Collegiate Standard for sorority and fraternity jewelry! PLUS use coupon code SAMI10 to receive 10% off! A post on their products will be coming soon!!

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree with Some Sorority Spirit!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

This is my first Christmas season as an Alpha Delta Pi sister and I don’t think I could be more excited. My wish list for Santa includes plenty of ADPi gear because just as much as Christmas needs green and red, it needs some azure blue and white.

FMH Collectibles was able to bring my sorority spirit to my Christmas tree with a beautiful Alpha Delta Pi ornament!

photo (44)

The clear ornament features the Alpha Delta Pi symbols, along with my sorority’s name, on one side. On the other side, it features my name..:

photo (45)

…my school’s chapter – Theta Theta – in Greek letters…:

photo (46)

..and the year I joined – spring of 2013!:

photo (48)

You can buy your own sorority or fraternity ornament from FMH Collectibles  for only $10 or $20! The price is very cheap for the excellent hand-crafted designs that will last for years and years. I know that years from now, I will have this ornament on my Christmas tree representing my Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood. Compared to other ornament sites and their designs, nothing could compare to the beauty of this ornament for the price. You can purchase an ornament just like this, for yourself, on the website using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or PayPal. You can also check out their Etsy site!

FMH Collectibles features not ornaments only Alpha Delta Pi, but Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Delta Phi Lambda, Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Signa Sigma, Tau Beta Sigma, and Zeta Tau Alpha.

Don’t you worry, boys! FMH Collectibles features an ornament for Kappa Kappa Psi!

If you aren’t involved in Greek life, FMH Collectibles features ornaments with a lighthouse design, a peace and goodwill design, a sisterhood design, and a seashell design. Frances will also

photo (47)

I still can’t believe how incredible the Alpha Delta Pi ornament looks on my Christmas tree. Make sure you get your own ornament for your tree from FMH Collectibles!

My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

Instead of typing this from my normal cubby at my college’s library, I am typing this from the comfort of my own bed in Jersey! Quinnipiac University gives us 10 days home for Thanksgiving break. As much as I miss my sisters and friends at school, it is so great to be home with my family, sleep in, and not wear flip flops in the shower. More importantly, it is now the Christmas season in my household! My mom and I have already put up our Christmas tree, some inside Christmas decorations, and set up our traditional village. There is nothing I love more than Christmas time.

photo (42)

Now for the Scrooges out there who believe that Christmastime does not start until after Thanksgiving, I am refraining from doing a Christmas themed My Monday Musts and do the usual My Monday Musts with no specific theme.

Without further ado, here are this week’s Monday Musts!

1. ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas Countdown

Okay, okay, I know I said it wasn’t going to be Christmas themed, but I never said I wasn’t going to include something Christmas related. My television has been stuck on ABC Family’s Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas. They have been playing classic Christmas movies already, like one of my personal favorites “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause.” They also feature classic Disney movies, such as “Mulan,” for getting excited for the Christmas season. With only a few days left in November, the actual 25 Days of Christmas will be starting. I love spending Saturday mornings watch the Christmas cartoons I grew up watching, like “The Year Without a Santa Claus.”

countdowsn to 25 days of christmas

2.  Bride’s Special Dance Vimeo Video

This past week, I saw the most tear – jerking video and decided to share it with you all. The bride in the video is facing a tragedy many girls, such as myself, will have to face on their wedding day – not having their father with them because he passed away. The bride’s brother decided to do something very special for the bride – something she will never forget for her dance. I don’t want to ruin the video, so you can all watch it. Just keep your tissues close by, be prepared to have a smile on your face, and open up your heart to the beauty of this video.

3. “The Extra Mile”

I went with another heart warming video for my third Monday Must, except this one will leave you giggling, instead of in tears.  After watching the video above, you will definitely now need a smile on your face. My obsession with Total Sorority Move columns has led to me finding this video entitled “The Extra Mile.” In the video, a young boy, named Cole, teaches college boys how to go the extra mile to landing a girls’ hearts – just by being nice. The cute little boy can put such a smile on your face and brighten your day! And as a college girl, I agree with Cole – if college boys don’t get their act together, they may end up like Bruno Mars regretting to buy flowers. Until I find that boy who will make George Clooney proud, I may just be waiting for a little boy in a tux to give me a red rose.

Now even though I am on break, I still have to write a ton of papers and start studying for finals. These videos were a great little study break. I hope they brighten your day, just like they brightened mine!

Enjoy your Monday, Thanksgiving & Black Friday, readers!