So no, I may not be a coupon queen, but as a college student I try to coupon as much as possible.

I’ll use my student ID to get a discount at J.Crew, will use Groupon before going on a shopping spree, and even get text messages from American Eagle and Lord and Taylor straight to my phone.

So for all you lucky readers, I want to help save you money!

Head on over to The Collegiate Standard  and use coupon code SAMI10 to get 10% off your order on sorority and fraternity jewelry!

You can read more about the site in previous Sparkle and Shine posts HERE and HERE.

Happy Shopping!!


Meet Bailey and her AMAZING voice!

Hey, readers!

I wanted to tell you all about one of my friends who really sparkles and shines everyday, thanks to her incredible singing voice- Bailey.



Bailey and I became friends in our Media History class during the fall of our sophomore year. After realizing we had mutual friends, a passion for being involved in Greek life on campus, and had similar senses of humor, Bailey and I instantly became friends.


Bailey, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, is super talented. She has her own YouTube channel, where she posts covers of some of her favorite songs. She seriously has one of the greatest singing voices I have ever heard.

As Bailey continues to post more videos, I just have to share them with you. For you, readers, to learn more about Bailey and her amazing voice, I asked her a few questions.

Why did you start doing cover videos?

 I have always wanted to post videos but I had never really gotten up the courage to do it.  I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and lots of people have always told me I should start recording songs but I never thought about it seriously.  One night I was just like “Hey, why not?”, grabbed my ukulele, and went for it! I also dragged my roommates into my first video so it wasn’t so intimidating.  After I posted my first video and got a lot of great feedback I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and now I love getting to post new videos!


What are you hopes for your YouTube videos?

 I hope that my YouTube videos go viral and get me on the Ellen Degeneres show -KIDDING! (kinda..) But seriously, I don’t really expect anything major to come out of my videos, I just hope people watch them and enjoy them! I’m also still starting out, so it’s fun just to watch my own progress, vocally and with my ukulele!


What was your high school music career like? What about at Quinnipiac University?

I have done mainly musical theatre my whole life.  I was involved in all of my high school performances as well as a summer theatre program.  My favorite role I ever played would definitely be Margot in Legally Blonde!  I also sang in my high schools select a cappella group and was chosen to perform in a cabaret style showcase for 3 years.  Once I got to college I auditioned and joined the only co-ed a cappella group, The Legends, and I am now on the executive board for the group. I sing all the time, and I mean ALL the time! I like to think my best performances are when I’m in the shower, so shout-out to my roommates for putting up with me!

What did you figure out that you could sing? 

Surprisingly, I think it took me until about my sophomore year of high school for me (and everyone else!) to realize I really had a great voice.  Not that I thought I was bad, but it took time and training up to that point to be at my full potential.  I had also been kind of a quiet person and never really liked to show off so a lot of people continue to be really surprised when they find out I can sing!

 What are your favorite types of music? Who is your biggest inspiration? 

I listen to all types of music, but one of my favorite artists and definitely one of my biggest inspirations is Ingrid Michaelson.  She is kind of a cross between folk, rock, and pop and is incredibly talented.  She definitely inspired me to want to learn how to play the ukulele too! Another favorite would have to be Justin Timberlake…I mean come on, how can you not?! I obviously also still love to belt out a good Broadway show tune, too.


Make sure to subscribe to Bailey’s YouTube channel to hear some more of her cover songs!

Also, if you’re a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma like Bailey, a sister of Alpha Delta Pi like myself, or involved in any other Greek organization, head on over to The Collegiate Standard and use coupon code SAMI10 to get 10% off your entire purchase. PLUS, money from your purchase will go towards the Greek organization you are making the purchase for. How awesome!


My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

Hope you’ve all had an amazing week! I’ve been super professional this past week – I ordered my books for next semester, had a three hour meeting planning out fall semester social events for my sorority, put myself on a budget, decided how I want to redo my bedroom and ordered the new bedding (be on the lookout for a post once my room is complete!), and of course, working at my summer job.

All of this professionalism didn’t leave for much time anything else this week. So whenever I was free I spent my entire time vegging out and binge watching Netflix, which is why there is only one Monday Must this week…..

“Orange is the New Black”

In the GroupMe group message between me and all my college best friends, they all kept saying how excited they were when the new season of “Orange is the New Black” premiered on Netflix. Then, my twitter feed was filled with tweets about OITNB from almost everyone I could think of. Even customers at work were asking me if I watched the Netflix original show. I had finished Greek (I still can’t believe that I finished it all), so, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start the show. Next thing I knew, I was staying up until I would fall asleep on my laptop binge watching the show! I completed the first season in about 2.5 days. I was watching bits and pieces of episodes on my lunch break and finding any other time possible to watch. It’s safe to say that I am now completely obsessed, as I’m now halfway done with season two.

The show starts out with  upper-middle class New York City woman, Piper, being sent to an all female prison for a crime she committed ten years ago. The show’s plot then continues around Piper’s stay at Litchfield Prison, while she learns the ropes of the prison and the prison hierarchy.  The show introduces viewers to the other inmates and through flashbacks shows more about each character’s past. These flashbacks make for amazing character development – probably the best character development I have ever seen on a show.


Even though that is it for this week’s Monday Musts, I just wanted to remind you to about my partnership with The Collegiate Standard. Use coupon code SAMI10 to get 10% off your purchase of fabulous sorority and fraternity jewelry! Plus, money from your purchase will go towards whatever Greek organization you made your purchase for. You can read more about it in a previous blog post.

Enjoy the rest of your week, readers! Keep sparkling!


Set YOUR Collegiate Standard This Summer

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

I’ve been home from college for about a month now and there is nothing I miss more than my Alpha Delta Pi sisters. I miss everything from doing ritual with them to impromptu diner runs and hour long heart to hearts to sharing clothes for the perfect weekend outfit. My sisters truly live for me each and every day.

theta theta bid night soph

Thanks to Collegiate Standard, these ladies won’t to be too far away from my heart because I will be wearing my letters, proudly, on a necklace!

necklace 5The lavaliere features a Swaroski Clear Crystal with sterling silver letters and a sterling silver chain. To see the exact one featured here, you can check it out HERE on the Collegiate Standard website!

necklace 1

necklace 4

necklace 3

necklace 2After reading this, does The Collegiate Standard ring a bell to you, readers? Well, they’ve worked with Sparkle and Shine before. Just like in that post, The Collegiate Standard and I are working together to help YOU set your own collegiate standard this summer.

Sorority girls spend a lot of money – between dues and daily Starbucks trips, money seems to disappear in the blink of an eye. That’s why Collegiate Standard and I are giving you the coupon code SAMI10 to save 10% off your entire purchase! That 10% saved just may be your next Mocha Frappachino!

The Collegiate Standard offers rings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry for not only sorority women, but fraternity men. Being a member of a Greek organization means wearing your letters with pride, so whether you are male or female, you can wear your letters with pride thanks to The Collegiate Standard!

Now head on over to The Collegiate Standard, enter coupon code SAMI10 at the end of check out, and wear your beautiful officially Greek Licensed jewelry with pride!

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Check out Collegiate Standard for Greek Life Jewelry

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

Remember way, way, waaay back when I was saying to use coupon code SAMI10 on The Collegiate Standard to purchase the awesome Greek Life products around Christmas time? Well, here I am to showcase it again!

the college standard logo

The Collegiate Standard features awesome jewelry for a variety of different Greek organizations. They sent me a beautiful sterling silver ring inscribed with the Greek Letters for Alpha Delta Pi. Ever since I received it, I haven’t taken it off! More importantly, I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it.

ring 1

The Collegiate Standard offers jewelry for not just Alpha Delta Pi, but Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Alpha Phi Gamma, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Sigma Pi, Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Xi Omicron, Beta Theta Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delt Gamma, Delta Kappa Psi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Delta Upsilon, Delta Zeta, Gamma Eta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lambda Theta Alpha, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Iota Alpha, Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Rho, Phi Sigma Sigma, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Nu Xi, Theta Phi Alpha, Theta Tau, and Zeta Tau Alpha. How awesome is that not only is there jewelry for sisters of sororities, but brothers of fraternities, as well?


All products from the company are not only of beautiful quality, but are officially licensed products.


The company offers a variety of types of jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, and pins.

If you are interested, I absolutely recommend checking the site out here. Also make sure to subscribe to their e-mail list for awesome updates and information on the company!

Stay tuned because more information on The Collegiate Standard will be coming soon, readers!


My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

Well, not so happy Monday for me because it’s finals week. Here’s a current selfie of me….


Okay, so not really a selfie, but I mean if I could wear a pink tutu and roll around on the floor, I totally would. I have been spending all my time in the library reviewing, eating M&Ms to stay awake, getting hand cramps from writing so many note cards, and using all my self control to not watch “Duck Dynasty” on Hulu.

The only good thing about this is Christmas is just so close, and so is going home. I absolutely love school, but my anticipation to go home, spend time with my family, and hang out with Julia with no worries in the world besides work is at an all time high. We spend any of our study breaks talking about everything we want to do once we get back home. First stop on the list – SHOPPING.

But, even in the mix of studying and actually taking my finals, I couldn’t leave you readers without this week’s Monday Musts!

1. “Move” by Little Mix

One of my sisters had shared with all this Little Mix song, entitled “Move,” and I have been obsessed ever since I heard it. It’s perfect to do cardio to, blast with your girlfriends, and just listen to whenever. I am so excited to blast it in my car when I go home! The song is so addictive, I don’t think I can count the amount of times I find myself casually singing “feeling like it’s my birthday, like Christmas day came early.” Plus, one of my roommates and I are trying to learn the dance moves from the music video (which is apparently funny for whoever else is there, since they only seem to laugh…)

2. Luvabull Proposal Video

I’ve seen the link to a “Luvabull Proposal” all over my Facebook news feed. I finally took a study break to watch it – and I ended up in tears. The video is about Chicago Bulls Luvabull Ariana getting a surprise proposal from her boyfriend mid-performance during the December 5 Bulls game verses the Miami Heat. I don’t want to spill anymore details, but it was definitely worth the study break to watch!

3. Elle Woods Inspiration

If I can be anyone, Elle Woods would be at the top of my list. For some reason this week, it seems like that fun fact about myself has been coming up often. She’s sorority, she’s smart, and she’s confident. As I recently re-tweeted from Total Sorority Move, “Elle Woods is my spirit animal.” One of my favorite Elle quotes (and there are plenty) is “you must always have faith in yourself.” As I said before, I am in the midst of finals week. I am working my butt off everyday for not only finals but about everything I put any effort into – the gym, my blog, my extra curriculars. At times when I may not feel as confident in something I produced,I just always remember these Elle Woods quote to get me through. Hopefully you can use it as a little reminder, too!

elle woods 3

And on that note, I am back to studying! This time next week I will be writing these from New Jersey. Enjoy your week, readers!

And remember to check out the site The Collegiate Standard for sorority and fraternity jewelry! PLUS use coupon code SAMI10 to receive 10% off! A post on their products will be coming soon!!