At Home Manicure: Rosy Outlook Didn’t Have a Rosy Outlook

Everyone says that it’s the little things that make us happy. One of the little things that makes me the happiest in life is having my nails painted. Something about having my nails perfectly painted just makes me feel oh so classy and that my entire life is just organized to perfection. I don’t know why that is, but I just go with it. 

So since I am on a budget (you can read about that here), I no longer allow myself to get my nail salon and get weekly manicures. Instead, I used my CVS discount and a CVS coupon and bought myself a new nail polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: #430 Rosy Outlook (price $7.99).

When I saw the bottle on the shelf, I instantly fell in love with the color. I was looking for a light pink shade. I often go for the hottest of hot pinks in the summer, but I wanted to go for something more plain and elegant this week. Though I wanted it to be a lighter pink, I still wanted it to have a touch of brightness to it without it being over the top. As soon as I laid my eyes on this bottle, I knew that I was the one. 

photo (5)

As I was putting it on, I realized that the color no longer looked the same as it did in the light at CVS. It was very dull and dark, it wasn’t very bright at all. The youthfulness I once saw in it was no longer there. The elegant and style that I saw in the store was now replaced by a color that would be used for a tacky table cloth. Overall, the “rosy” in the “rosy outlook” was a lot less of a pink than I thought. Even on the CVS website, the polish looks so much vibrant!

It was more than just the nail color that left me unhappy. The handle of the brush was very awkward, I couldn’t get a good grip on the polish. Also, it came out very watery. I had to do a lot of coats to try and get a decent thickness to the polish, while trying to avoid bubbles. The shape of the brush was very short and stumpy which made it hard to maneuver around my nails.

This week’s polish color for my at home manicure turned out to be a bust. Here’s to better luck next week!

Do you have any nail polish colors that you would recommend? Please share them below so I can look into a new color for my next at home manicure!