My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

Guess what?! I’m back at school! Yaaaaaay! After being reunited with my best friends and sisters, I am just so excited to be back at Quinnipiac and to start the second semester of my sophomore year! My classes start tomorrow and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things at school with all my classes, extracurriculars, gym sessions, library trips, and some socializing.

Here I am last night taking on Quinnipiac with some of my best friends!


core four



1.  Shallac Manicure

Once you go shellac, you are never, ever going back! I just couldn’t go back to school without getting a manicure, so Julia and I got our nails done on Friday. I hate when I just get my nails done, and they are chipped within a few days – or worse, a few hours! Since I was getting them done on Friday and needed them to still look for classes on Tuesday, I just needed something that would last longer! I have heard amazing reviews on getting a shellac manicure, so I decided to get it. I absolutely love it! My nails just look so good and it doesn’t chip. It was so worth the extra money!


2. iOS 7

So, I finally got myself up to date in the technology world by downloading iOS 7. Yes, I know…I’m a few months later. But, my phone always told me I didn’t have enough store to download the new version. Then, a sister told me that you can download it by plugging your phone into your laptop and connecting it to iTunes. Fun fact – it worked!! Now, I finally have iOS  7 and all the awesome features it offers iPhone users. I’m still getting use to how it all works, especially since I get very used to how something is and struggle with change. So far I’m loving it!


3. The premiere of “Duck Dynasty”

Come on now, readers. If you didn’t see this one coming, I would say you need to get yourself more up to date on “Sparkle and Shine.” If you do want to do so, check out the buttons on the side under “Follow me on Social Media.” BUT, since I am a huge fan on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” the season premiere, to me, was like Christmas Eve, jack! The two episode premiere introduced the world to two new Robertson family members – who I immediately followed on Twitter. #sorrynotsorry I can’t wait for the rest of the season and to see what else the Robertson clan has in store for it’s viewers. I know it’ll make me happy, happy, happy!

new season of duck dynasty

Time for me to go prepare for my first day of classes by packing my backpack up, printing out some more syllabuses, and deciding what to wear tomorrow!

Happy Monday, readers! Good luck this semester!


My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, “Sparkle and Shine” readers!

I can’t believe this year is already over. Thank you so much for following me in my blogging journey thus far this year. I am happier than I could have ever imagined with my blog and couldn’t be anywhere without you readers!

I hope you all had a great 2013 and have great plans for 2014. I know I sure had an incredible 2013, and will be sharing with you all memories from it during the week.

More importantly, I hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa brought you all that you had dreamed for. I know that underneath my Cinderella topped Christmas tree I had everything I could possibly ask for – Uggs, clothes, jewelry, gift cards, ADPi gear, and more! I finally got the Vineyard Vines cap and white vest I have been wanting! I am so thankful and blessed for not only the gifts I received, but the time I got to spend with my family. My whole family went down to my grandparent’s house to celebrate the holiday together. There is nothing more magical than being together with the family for Christmas.

mikey on christmas 2

Because of the craziness of finishing up my Christmas shopping and completing holiday traditions last week, I did not get to post My Monday Musts. Since I’m sure you were all so upset about it, I’m going to jump right into this week’s Monday Musts!

1. “Duck Dynasty” WILL be back – and with the whole family!

I’m sure for any of those who know me, you absolutely could have guessed that this was going to be on the list. We all know I looove “Duck Dynasty.” If you couldn’t tell from all of my posts about the show, you can always tell by my sweatshirts and tumblr (from my big. Thanks Katherine!). So, I was completely horrified when I heard that Phil was being suspended, and then that the show might be over because the family would not continue on without feel. I threatened that I would wear black 24/7, even to work, because I was in mourning. Since the controversy regarding what Phil Robertson said to GQ is now over, I will not share my opinions with you all. All I can say is that I am happy, happy, happy that there will be a new season premiering on January 15th that will feature the whole Robertson family!

phil robertson

2. Liebster Award

I recieved some awesome news from fellow blogger Jen that she nominated me for the “Liebster Award,” an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers. It was such honor that she had selected me and it was so much fun reading all of the answers to her questions from her nominee. Be on the look out for when I post my own Liebster Award nominees, as well as some fun facts about me and answer the questions Jen asked me in her nomination post.

liebster award

3. “Who’s Got Your Money” by Tina Parol

So during finals week, my friends Bailey, Jacqueline, Jen and I got a little cabin-feverish while trying to study for our Friday exam. We took enough study breaks to take online quizzes that I can tell you what my spirit animal is, what Friends character I am, what Harry Potter house I would belong to, and more (a wolf, Rachel, and Gryffindor – in that order). During another study break, Bailey started singing (side note: she’s an incredible singer!), “Who’s Got Your Money.” Though the lyrics are slightly funny (it’s about a girl spending her ex’s money), the beat is extremely catchy and gives you a little pump up when at the gym. I can’t wait for the summer to blast this with the sunroof open. It’s a great girl power song. Thanks, Bailey!

2014 may not hold only great things in your lives, because you are all fabulous, but great things for “Sparkle and Shine.”

BUT WAIT! Before I end this post, I have two last things to share with you all!

1. I just made a Facebook page for Sparkle and Shine!! Like it here to stay up to date with all the posts!

2.  Remember to check out the site The Collegiate Standard for sorority and fraternity jewelry! PLUS use coupon code SAMI10 to receive 10% off! A post on their products will be coming soon!!

Happy New Year!


My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

I am so ecstatic to say that I am officially home in good ‘ole Jersey for winter break! As much as I love QU, my sisters, and my friends – there is nothing better than spending the holiday season with family. We are now in single digits til Christmas – and I still have so much to do!

Another reason I am ecstatic is that final’s week is over! Living in the library, making note cards til my hand was ready to fall off, and constantly listening to “classic music for studying” Pandora is officially over. Now, it’s just the constant wait for teacher’s to put their grades up. But in the meantime, I will relax with some “Duck Dynasty,” online shopping, and of course, this week’s Monday Musts!

1. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

So let’s be real here, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is like the women’s version of the Super Bowl. This year, I refrained myself from scarfing down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s as I watched with some of my closest friends and sisters. What the excitement is, to put it plainly into words, I really don’t know. This year’s show’s excitement went past the elaborate costumes. Highlights include Adam Levine’s reaction to fiance Behati Prinsloo on the runway and Taylor Swift being on stage with VS Angel BFF Lily Adridge. More importantly, I think all girls need to remember is to not let the Victoria Secret Fashion show ruin their expectations of themselves. If you don’t like going to the gym, don’t pledge to go everyday for the next week after watching the Fashion show, if you want to eat pizza – eat it. Everyone is built differently, girls, so enjoy the Fashion Show and don’t let it effect your self esteem.

victotia secret fashion show

And to follow up with my last sentence, here is tweet that made me LOL for days after the show:

honey boo boo vs angel

2. WestJet Christmas Surprise

In the word’s of Home Alone – “it is Christmas, the season of perpetual hope!” (Yes, I did know that off the top of my head – words really can’t describe my Christmas obsession). I recently came across this WestJet ad on my Facebook newsfeed and I don’t think it could describe that Home Alone quote better. I don’t want to ruin what happens, but this is a selfless reminder during the Christmas season that it’s more than just about what YOU receive. I recommend everyone watch the video – it may even bring some tears of happiness to your eyes! It did for me!

3. The “Duck Dynasty” Christmas Episode

So at this point, everyone knows I loooove “Duck Dynasty.” My heaven on Earth occurred on Wednesday night when my love of “Duck Dynasty” and Christmas combined for a 1 hour Christmas episode! The episode delve more into the Robertson family’s traditions and life. If you check out my Twitter feed since A&E announced the episode, all I did was discuss my excitement for this episode. I even had it scheduled as a reminder in my phone and written in my planner. I made my closest guy friends watch it with me, since it had become a tradition to watch the show in their room. Two my other best friends joined us, too. Since the episode premiered, I have watched it at least three times….and I’m not even sorry about it.

duck dynasty christmas

And to celebrate the Christmas episode, my best friend, Connor, and I dressed up in our Duck Dynasty attire!photo (63)

After this, there is only one more Monday Must until Christmas! Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, “Sparkle and Shine” will continue to bring you a bunch of exciting posts this week.

Have a good week, readers!

My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

For this week’s edition of My Monday Musts, I am going to do a throwback to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade is one of my favorite parts about the holiday and something I look forward to every year. In 2009, my mom and I even went to the parade. It was by far one of the most exciting events of my life. Ever since that Thanksgiving, I always dream of going back.

I decided to share with you, readers, my three favorite parts of this year’s parade. Here they are!

1. Duck Dynasty 

Anyone who knows me, knows how in love I am with the A&E Show, “Duck Dynasty.” As I type this, I am even wearing a “Duck Dynasty” sweatshirt. I spent a majority of my Thanksgiving break watching reruns of the show. So when on Thanksgiving Day, it was announced that the Robertson clan was going to be in the parade, I was ecstatic! My love for the parade just skyrocketed when they came on the screen. I only wish they were on there for longer than 5 seconds. Maybe next year, Uncle Si can host because that would make me happy, happy, happy!

duck dynasty

2. The “Elf of the Shelf” float

My six year old cousin, Mikey, has an elf on the shelf to look over him this year to report back to Santa that Mikey is being a good boy and belongs on the nice list. Mikey’s elf, named ZipZap, has become a family hit. Everyday we are curious as to where ZipZap was when Mikey woke up. As an only child, I hadn’t really had a connection for “Elf on the Shelf,” since it is a fairly new concept. After learning about it through Mikey, I was so excited to see the “Elf on the Shelf” balloon because I knew he was coming to Mikey’s house that night.

elf on the shelf

3. Santa

Santaaaaa….I know him! Sorry readers, I just couldn’t resist quoting “Elf” for a second. Ever since that movie came out, I swear I hear that quote in my head, in Buddy’s voice, whenever someone says the word “Santa.” Santa, the traditional end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, always makes the entire parade. To me, it is a true kickoff to the holiday season (even though my family’s Christmas tree has been up since the Saturday before Thanksgiving). The joy that Santa represents is something that still, and always will be, in my heart.

santa clause macys parade

Now, I have some fun news to share, besides these Monday Musts.

First off, I wrote my first ever guest post on my favorite novel, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Check it out on my fellow Her Campus Blogger Network sister, Kayla’s blog, “Caught Between the Pages.”

Also, readers, make sure to check out the site The Collegiate Standard and use coupon code SAMI10 to receive 10% off! A post on their products will be coming soon, but I just wanted to get this information out to you now – more time to shop til you drop before Christmas!

Now, I have plenty of scheduled posts coming up! While I am in the craziness of finals season, I have plenty of posts written to share with you all to get you in the holiday spirit!

Until then, it’s back to the library, eating M&Ms like it’s my job, to prepare for final papers and exams.

Enjoy your Monday, readers!

My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

And happy midterms week to most….

I hope you all had a great weekend – I know I sure did! It was my first weekend back at school since my knee injury and I could finally go out with my best friend.  It was so good to be back with them, doing what we like to do on the weekends, and spending my Saturday night at Quinnipiac students’ infamous Saturday night club, Toads.

Now, it’s back to reality of the craziness of school. It’s midterm week here at QU – and that means spending hours in the library, studying my note cards til I can barely see straight anymore. It’s day like these that I wish I liked coffee!

With two exams tomorrow, and one on Wednesday, I have only this weekend to look forward to. This weekend my absolute best friend, Julia, and I are going to New York City to visit our other best friend, Vanessa, at school! I am so excited for the three of us to be reunited and spend a Friday night in the best place on Earth together, NYC!

But, in the meantime,  I’ll take a study break to share with you all this week’s Monday Musts:

1. Passionately Pink for a Cure Hair Strands

Last Monday, some of my best friends and I got pink clip-in extensions to show our support for breast cancer awareness. According to the American Cancer society, about 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. About 40,000 women will die from breast cancer. These are mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Grieving offer the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest struggles someone could possibly go through. Our $5 hair strands contributed to making a difference, and making an awareness, to changing these statistics. I am proud to be a female and proud to help fight back against cancer.


2. Wednesday Night TV

In my previous Monday Musts, I discussed my LOVE for “Duck Dynasty.” “Duck Dynasty” airs their new episodes on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. With some of my closest guy friends, I gather around their television to watch the show. As Connor, Ben, Pat, and I finished up the episode, we decided to then watch the next show, “Bad Ink.” I never saw it before – and I quickly became obsessed. “Bad Ink” follows two Las Vegas tattoo artists who fix people’s bad tattoos – whether they were just bad choices or the original tattoo artist just did not do a good job. The show left me so amazed. So when we all planned on watching only one thirty minute episode, it turned into a 2 hour marathon. I don’t get to watch a lot of television in college, so I look forward to Wednesday night with the boys watching “Duck Dynasty” and “Bad Ink.”


3. ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays – always has been and always will. One of my favorite parts of any holiday are the themed movies. ABC Family’s annual 13 Nights of Halloween kicks off this Saturday and I am SO excited! ABC Family always plays the greatest cliche Halloween movies that we were all raised on, such as “Hocus Pocus” and “Beetlejuice” (two of my favorite movies). Though with the craziness of my schedule, I won’t be getting to watch as much of the Halloween movie marathons as I would like, I’m just happy to know that it is on. Plus, to me, this kicks off the start of all the holidays and all the great traditions that come along with it!


Now it’s back to studying for me…Enjoy the rest of your week, readers!