Who Needed a Valentine When You Could Have Had Galentines?!

So now that Valentine’s Day is officially 363 days away, I figured now would be a good time to discuss this past year’s without getting any hostile eye rolls. For all the single ladies out there, like myself, I spent Valentine’s Day with some of my closest single friends having a good time, blasting everything but “Single Ladies,” instead of wallowing in my single-ness by watching Nicholas Sparks movies and eating chocolate icing from the container.

(P.S. I couldn’t not mention “Single Ladies” and not include a gif…..so here you go, readers!)

Since I had such an incredible time celebrating Galentine’s (get it gal-instead of val) Day, I decided to share with you all how you can make the most of next year’s February 14. Instead it will help you appreciate the true loves of your life – YOUR FRIENDS!


So first off, we started the night by doing a Secret Cupid.


We made the classic Christmas “Secret Santa,” and turned it into something that will make the night more enjoyable! I mean, who doesn’t love gifts?! At the beginning of last week, we all pulled names out of a plastic bag and then had to get $15 worth of gifts for our Secret Cupid! We then put the gifts on the table and once everyone was dressed and had arrived, we went through and opened our gifts. We each went one at a time, which made it more exciting because we would guess at the end who had us.


Then, to continue on with our Valentine’s Day festivities, we had a party! Keeping in classic sorority girl style – the party had a theme! It was anti-Valentine’s day, so all the guests had to wear black. Except, the hostesses (the group photo above), wore some shade of pink or red to show off that we were the hosts!

Here’s some pictures of me with some of my fabulous Galentines – my sisters and my best friend!

My sisters and I were some of the hostesses of the party – so we all had on some form of red or pink to indicate it:


My best friend, Julia, was one of the guests – so she wore black:


As I said before, you still have 363 days to find a Valentine. But if you don’t I would rather you end up smiling like us…..

…then sobbing in bed while eating chocolate and watching soap operas like Elle Woods.

Either way, single or not, hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day, readers!