Thanks Square Cash for making going out so much easier!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

Thank you Her Campus Media, Inc. and SquareCash for the opportunity and compensation for this post.

I’ve got to admit something to you, readers. Sometimes, going out is hard.

No, I’m not talking about the hours you spend doing your hair and makeup, the dozens of pictures you send of potential outfits in a GroupMe to your best friends (only to wear the first outfit, of course), or deciding whose house is going to be the first stop of the night before even heading out.

I’m talking about figuring out the monetary aspects.

Whose going to pay for the Uber this time? Who paid last time? And of course, Jackie forgot cash for the cash-only club’s entrance fee, so now what?

Why would I not just pay for everyone’s drinks since I got to the bartender first and we are totally on a first name basis, right? Or the fact that Dominoes is so not about to break up a $100 dollar order for your drunk pizza onto ten different debit cards, so who just got paid last and can throw it on their card?

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so.

And want to know what else is familiar, when all of the calculations for who was going to pay who and how much really goes out the window when the third margarita is served and the newest Nicki Minaj jam is bumping through the bass.

Now you don’t need to worry because Square Cash has made it easy for you!


Square Cash is a free app that allows anyone to quickly send money between their friends or even get paid for doing business. There’s no “cashing out” which means that the money gets deposited right into your bank account. This means that if the mom of the kid you are babysitting for wants to just send you your payment over the app, she will deposit it directly into your bank account from her bank account. No need to stop at the ATM! Plus, it is free to use between friends!

Not only is it super simple to use and works exactly how it should, it’s safe and secure. Plus, in a world where we want to get everything done quick, using this app is the quickest way to pay your friends! All you need to do is download the Square Cash app, link up your debit card, then start sending money to your friends. You can even request them to send you the funds.

So how do I know that this is all this super easy? Because my friends and I use the app! We all downloaded it because as I mentioned above, we got tired of always trying to figure out who owed who what and then trying to backtrack ourselves during breakfast the next morning to figure out who owed who what. Sometimes there is just not enough coffee in the world to help you do math! So now, we would have someone put it on their card, quickly divide the amount spent on our phone’s calculators by the amount of people it was split between, and then send the money right on over to whoever it belonged to. It was so quick and easy we were able to do it in while waiting on line for the bars, waiting on the bathroom line, or even on the dance floor after we checked our text messages. Going into my senior year, I know that this app will definitely be a necessity on my phone and should be on yours, too!

To find out more, check out the app‘s Twitter and Facebook page!

And to see exactly what it’s like to go out with my friends and I, stay tuned for another video blog coming very soon! This one will detail our recent trip to Atlantic City for our friend Jamie’s 21st birthday. Catch a preview from the pic I posted on my Instagram.

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Stop stressing about your safety, thanks to React Mobile!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own. 

College can be an overwhelming time. So many different things are stressing you out – and the last thing you should be stressed about is your safety. It’s something that you should always just feel comfortable about. However, there still are times, such as that late night walk back from the library when you’re completely alone or even that scary moment when you end up lost in a neighboring town after a long Saturday night out – that you do become stressed about your safety. Those “what ifs” quickly overwhelm your brain and before you know it, you’re prepared for the worst.

This doesn’t have to happen. Now, thanks to React Mobile, it won’t!

For Robb Monkman, the CEO of React Mobile, this nightmare had become a reality. When Robb was a college student, he had been a victim of a hostage situation. With hopes to improve campus safety after his incident, Robb said, that he saw “the need for a product that could be used to silently and discreetly alert the authorities and your trusted contacts if you are in trouble.”

Colleges have installed blue light systems to try and help protect students. However, they are expensive to install and aren’t always there in real life situations when you need them. That’s where the React Mobile comes in – no matter where you are, the app, and all of its features, are going to help you.

The features of React Mobile are:

1.Follow-Me” Feature 

 React Mobile provides users with a safety enhancement feature for everyday use. The premium “Follow-me” feature allows users to have friends and family track them in real-time. People frequently feel unsafe and uncomfortable but may not want to trigger an SOS alert. React Mobile gave examples of a solo or late night runner (or runner in the woods), a realtor meeting a new client for the first time in an unfamiliar place, a student walking home along a dark pathway, an online dater who is meeting a date for the first time. If an emergency situation occurs, a user can escalate to an SOS alert, however, if for some reason the user can’t issue an alert (i.e. they are attacked), their friends will know where they are if they go missing thanks to the last known GPS and will be able to alert the police. When a user is concerned for their safety but doesn’t want to escalate a potentially harmless situation, they can have their friends and family track them in real-time until they are safe.

2. International Support

 Users also have the ability to choose which country they are visiting (or living in) from our settings tab and when they trigger an SOS alert they will be prompted to dial the appropriate emergency authority depending on where they are (ex: if they are in the UK the app will prompt a user to dial 112 not 911). This featured because available this summer and is available in 39 countries. 

3. Social Network Integration

SOS alerts can be posted to Facebook and Twitter – In the event of an emergency we want users to have the capability to alert as many people as possible. We are differentiating ourselves from the competition by offering users the option to post their emergency alerts to Facebook and Twitter with a link to their location.

4. White Label/Custom Branding

React Mobile offers corporate and educational institutions with our custom branding opportunities. React Mobile’s Private Label service is a cost effective and easy to implement layer of protection that allows institutions to brand the application as their own. The private label opportunities allow schools and corporations to focus on delivering a powerful risk mitigation tool to employees without having to go spend the resources and time developing a comprehensive solution like React on their own. Unlike other personal safety products such as pepper spray, rape whistles, guns, tasers, etc., React Mobile, is a safety product that cannot be used against a victim. All that is required
 is a Internet signal, WiFi, or cell coverage to work. The Private label product is a cost effective way to take advantage of the safety benefits that technology can provide. React Mobile is a solution that is affordable for people to pick up independently or for corporations to sell as a benefit to others which helps to drive brand loyalty and employee morale. You can find out more about React Mobile’s Custom Branding Opportunities by following this link: ·       

5. React Mobile is Free 

Unlike many of their competitors, React Mobile is a free app because the React Mobile team believe that it is a safety tool that everyone with a smartphone should have at their disposal. React Mobile continues to go against their competition by imposing no charge for the use of key features and doesn’t require a users’ emergency contacts to have installed the app.

6. Automatic 911 prompt

Because it is critical to alert the authorities when you are in trouble, the app automatically prompts users to dial 911 if an alert is activated. 

The app is available for download for Apple and Android. I have downloaded it for my iPhone and now you should too! I now feel safer at all times. I would not feel secure at all times if it was not for React Mobile.

Stay safe, readers! Be smart and download this app today! You never know what situation you could be put in.

If you do download the app, tell me what you think about it by commenting on the post!