No Need to Add More Stress from Breakouts during Finals Week

Happy Saturday, readers!

As I’ve mentioned in this week’s Monday Musts, I’m about to enter finals week. As I’m stressing about all my finals, my performance monologue, and multiple papers, that last thing I want to worry about is breaking out! However, thanks to Seventeen Magazine, I’m not going to!

17 social clubSeventeen Magazine sent me Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser to use.



The facial cleanser deep cleans 2x better and naturally purifies. It also has skin purifying technology and is oil-free.

After my last skin care package from my friends over at Seventeen Magazine, I couldn’t wait to try this one. Just like Murad, Biore’s deep pore charcoal cleanser did wonders for my skin!




My best friend, Julia, and I have been in the library until at least 1 a.m. since Wednesday preparing for finals and writing papers. I’ve been going completely makeup free these last few weeks to eliminate the time it takes to put it on in the morning to sleep in longer. However, every morning and night I make sure to wash my face. Thanks to Seventeen, I have been doing so with Biore’s deep pore charcoal cleanser and have seen such amazing results!

Finals exam times is so stressful – and normally causes me so many break outs. I work out even harder at the gym trying to relieve some of the stress, but that only makes me sweat even more. All that extra sweat will clog more pores. However, Biore, who is known to “free your pores!” has helped my skin stay clear.

My skin feels softer and doesn’t have a blemish on it. While I’m studying and writing papers, I don’t need to worry about any breakouts because Biore is keeping my face completely clean.

Just look at the library selfie posted above, there is not a single blemish on my face! All my focus is on these last few days of school and not any pimples.

Thanks Seventeen!


If You’re Young and Greek, Shop “Young and Greek” on Etsy!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

Christmas is just a few days away – ahh! Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite sorority woman in your life? Or are a sorority woman and are looking to buy a little gift for yourself? Then check out Young and Greek on Etsy!

Young and Greek offers smartphone cases, key chains & license plate frames. They are an official Greek licensed vendor.

From the Etsy shop, I have received the Alpha Delta Pi infinity iPhone case.

photo (72)

I absolutely love it. I am able to express my personal style, as well as my sorority – Alpha Delta Pi. I got to select which color I wanted and which way I wanted the infinity symbol. By picking which color I wanted, I was really able to express myself because I chose my favorite color – bright pink! Plus, call me a typical girl, but I love the infinity symbol. It’s so perfect because it combines the color pink, the infinity symbol, and Alpha Delta Pi!

Young and Greek offers other designs and colors for smartphone cases. You can check out the complete list of their 100 smartphone cases here.

Besides the smartphone case, Young and Greek sent me the basic license plate frame in silver glitter! My car, a Toyota Camry, is like my baby. I even named it- Simba. Getting a license plate cover was like great because it was a cute little decoration for my baby – while spreading my ADPi love. The license plate is super cute not just because it says Alpha Delta Pi on it and the Greek letters, but because it looks like it has glitter on it. It’s just another pop to make Simba super feminine while ruling the roads. Now, wherever I go in Simba, the world can now I’m an ADPi!

photo (74)

I never thought about using a license plate frame until I received this one, but now I can’t imagine not having one. Check out the other 24 license plate covers this Etsy shop offers here.

Young and Greek offers a variety of great sorority items! They ensure quality on each of their items and their goal is to leave their customers satisfied. As a recipient of these products, I can assure you that they are of high quality and I was completely satisfied. Now, shop Young and Greek today!

My First VoxBox – The Colgate Slimsoft VoxBox!

Hey, readers! Thanks to my membership with Influenster, I received my first ever Voxbox!


I received the Colgate Slimsoft VoxBox!

Inside, it had Colgate’s new toothbrush, the Slimsoft. I am very particular when it comes to brushing my teeth and making sure my teeth always look clean. The Slimsoft toothbrush did a really good job- it was the best toothbrush I have ever used.

The super soft bristles got in between my teeth, which left a long after-clean feeling. For me, this is the most important thing I look for when using a toothbrush. The bristles truly scrubbed my teeth, as well as the my, leaving them looking better after. I felt like I just left the dentist’s office after every time I brushed. Who doesn’t want that?!

Thanks to the VoxBox and Influenster, I will definitely now only be purchasing to Slimsoft toothbrush to brush my teeth.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.