Breaking the Bucket list

Hello, readers, and welcome to sparkling edition of Breaking the Bucket List.

I know what your thinking – “Sami, what is ‘Breaking the Bucket List?'” 

You see, readers, the last time I wrote about how I spent 24 hours living in New York City like a real New Yorker and after that…. I haven’t written anything else.

Not only is that a bad blogger move, but it’s a bad life move.

Completing tasks on my bucket list is one of my biggest goals life. However, I’ve let life get in the way. I’m been to busy running around focusing on school, my summer job, blogging, my sorority, and so many more aspects of my life that I can go on for hours. Some where along the way, I’ve stopped focusing on that big goal of completing tasks on my bucket list.


So now, I’m ready. I’m ready to start crossing items off my bucket list and sharing them with you. I even made a cool new graphic to go along with the posts.

Get ready and get set, readers! I’ll be sharing you with my adventures as I break my bucket list.