Breaking the Bucket List: Eating at Carlo’s Bakery

BBTB carlos bakery

Hello, my sparkling readers!

Yesterday I told you all about how my perfect little diamond, Amber, came up to NJ for the weekend (check out the post HERE.). In the post, I told you how Amber, Julia, and I went to Morristown and completed a task on my bucket list. It was eating at Carlo’s Bakery!

cake boss 2


Buddy Valastro and his family’s original bakery, “Carlo’s Bakery,” is set in Hoboken, New Jersey. We didn’t have the time to head all the way out to the original bakery, so we drove 20 minutes away to the one in Morristown. They offer the exact same delicious desserts!

cake boss 4

I got a basic vanilla cupcake with a flower made out of icing on top!

cake boss sami

Meanwhile, Julia got a red velvet cupcake and Amber got an Oreo Explosion cupcake.

cake boss j&a


We sat inside the bakery enjoying our cupcakes. All around us were photos of the Valastro family, famous for the Cake Boss television show on TLC. The inside was very quaint!

cake boss 1

The cupcakes, costing us each only $3.00, were so delicious we had to control ourselves to not get more than one! Next time, I’ll definitely be getting a red velvet cupcake.

cake boss 3 GOOD ONE


Stay tuned to see what my next adventure will be in Breaking the Bucket List!


4 thoughts on “Breaking the Bucket List: Eating at Carlo’s Bakery

  1. I love cupcakes. I think the show is good. I live close enough to Hoboken… why have I not been here? I guess I figured it would be packed, touristy and overpriced. Thanks for proving me wrong 🙂


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