“Life Moves Pretty Fast…..”

Hey readers, so I have been a little M.I.A. recently.

No, I didn’t end up in Australia after entering the witness protection program like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen did in Our Lips Are Sealed.

Nor did I go to Abu Dhabi with my best friends in a Sex and the City 2 like manner.

Instead, I took a breather. I just simply took a break.

My entire life is based off of a time schedule and my Lilly planner. I have many things on my plate – all things that I very much enjoy doing.

Though I love living my life like this, sometimes you just need a little vacation to not be so wrapped up doing some form of work. Between e my summer job, resident life work since I’m an RA, paper work for my sorority as social chair, or for my blog, I just have so much piled onto my plate. So to relax, breathe, and truly stop and look around – I have my self a break.

It required a lot more will power than I thought. I am so used to being plugged in and working towards a goal, that I forgot what it was like to relax in my pajamas and watch a Criminal Minds marathon.

I spent my week going to the beach, visiting my grandparents, and pampering myself. I may be a little more behind than I would have wanted to be, but at least I now feel relaxed. I feel like I took a giant deep breathe and now have a clear head to continue conquering all that I need to.

It’s important to relax, readers. It’s important to schedule some “me time” in your day.

Most importantly, it’s important to stop and look around. You don’t ever want to miss something because you were too busy planning for a “what if” or exhausting yourself from so much work.


4 thoughts on ““Life Moves Pretty Fast…..”

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