My Monday Musts

Happy Monday, readers!

Hope you all had a fabulous week and weekend!

Now that I am getting back into the swing of school again (and by that I mean clubs, meetings, homework, RA life, and everything in between), I finally am back to sharing My Monday Musts with you.

No need for me to give a play-by-play because I know you just absolutely can’t wait to hear what this week’s musts are, so I’m going to jump right into them. Hope you’re pumped because I am! YAY!


1. Entertainment Anchor 

Last school year, I shared all with you about how I was the weather girl for my school’s newstation, Q30. Well, this year I am now the Entertainment Anchor! I love celebrity and celebrity gossip (#sorrynotsorry) and can’t wait to share what is going on in Hollywood with my fellow Bobcats. I’ll be posting the newscasts whenever they’re up so you can all watch it. Watch out Giuliana Rancic because I’ll soon be taking over the Red Carpet! BYE FELICIA!

 “Shake It Off” By Taylor Swift

I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan – as you may remember based on one of my beginning blog posts about going to a concert for T. Swift’s “Red” tour. Well, Swift released a new song recently and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. “Shake It Off” is an anthem for being you and not caring what others say – just shake it off! Swift reminds listeners to do their own thing, be themselves, and just let the haters hate, hate, hate.

3. Criminal Minds on Netflix

Everyone needs a show to binge watch on Netflix. I’ve finished Orange is the New BlackDawson’s Creek, and Greek.  I’ve seen pretty much every episode of Criminal Minds because I’m obsessed. However, I’ve never seen them in order. Thanks to the Netflix gods, I will now be binge watching all 9 seasons of the greatest show ever. Time to feed into my addiction when I’m at the gym, getting ready to sleep, and have a few spare minutes by watching my favorite crime solving group!

Have a great week, readers! I have many exciting posts scheduled to come up in the next few weeks, including many posts thanks to Seventeen Magazine! WOOHOO!

Keep sparkling!


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