Forget “New Year, New Me” and Try a New Mindset

We’ve seen it all over social media. I swear, everyone and their dog has tweeted “new year, new me.”

Well, unless you undergo extensive plastic surgery and somehow get all new chromosomes, a new you is pretty impossible. At the end of the day, it’s not you who is changing in your attempts to become the “ideal you” when attempting your New Years Resolutions. So, save the tweet and go do something about it by changing your mindset.

no new year new meEveryone always talks about their New Years Resolutions – and by the line of people waiting to sign up for a gym membership this morning, I can tell people are jumping on the bandwagon of starting this “new them.” Want to know the difference between the people who will last a week at the gym and will last until 2016? Who changed their mindset and who did not.

I don’t believe in creating a new me, but instead creating a list of new journeys I want to take on and embrace the journeys of the year ahead. I don’t believe in needing a “new me,” but a new mindset to help me accomplish what I want to.

Change your mindset that it is okay to say goodbye to what is unnecessary. Want to keep all the drama and B-S of 2014 in the past? Delete all your text messages. Purge all those unneeded, and unwanted, cell phone contacts first.

Before today, I had over 500 contacts. In reality, do I need my lab partner from ninth grade biology, that random girl my little and I met one night and swore we were going to be best friends with, or that total random from the club? Nope. Delete, delete, and definite delete.

Now, I will make it a habit to delete my text messages on the regular and delete contacts when they are unnecessary. To continue on with this changed mindset, I am also donating all clothes that I haven’t worn in over a year from my closet.

Change your mindset that is okay to indulge, whether it be in the kitchen or in the wallet – you work your hardest, so you deserve a splurge once in a while! Want to work towards your dream body? Realize that most of working out is a mindset in itself. First off, you need to workout. Go to the gym, find a workout class that you love, or find a Pinterest workout that you can do right at home (check out my “Fitness Finds” Pinterest board for ideas). Second you need to eat healthy. However, it seems that when people make it a New Years Resolution to loose weight, they quickly put all their worth on the number the scale says. You are more than this number, so if you want to eat that doughnut or piece of chocolate- go for it. If you’ve been working hard in the gym and in the kitchen, that one piece of junk food isn’t going to deter you completely from your goals.

For me, I love going to workout classes, like Zumba and kickboxing, and keep them interesting by going with friends and sorority sisters. I also try to eat healthy, especially since my body acts funky if I do not thanks to not having a gall bladder. However, I let myself know that it’s okay to eat that cupcake. The thing is, I’ve learned to know that my will power will never not let me eat the cupcake. I can plan to eat like a Victoria’s Secret model all I want, but put a red velvet cupcake in my vision and I am D-O-N-E. However, I’ve learned that it’s okay to indulge. One just needs to know that there is a limit – eat the dessert three times a week, or even have one day of eating whatever you want. It’s when you start to eat whatever you want everyday that you’ve changed the indulgence into a habit, and you’ve lost that mindset.

Change your mindset that you need to live in the moment, but still plan ahead. Make it your mindset to find a happy medium between the two. Yes, I do plan ahead when it comes to events and my planner. However, everyday can become a shopping spree – and that is not thinking ahead. I’m not a Chrisley, so I can’t just swipe a credit card and call it a day. I need to think about the future when it comes to my spending habits.

For me, my biggest mindset in 2015 is focusing on my wallet. I relate a little too much to “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” something my bank account isn’t always a fan of. I’ve downloaded apps to keep myself on track with my paychecks and put myself on a budget. (Gosh, I hate that “b” word).  I turn 21 soon, so I know I’m going to want to go on a lot more adventures then. So do I truly need that shirt that I just have to have? Do I really need to get a fourth coffee this week from Dunkin? Do I really need to get that newest beauty product that I’m going to try once and then dump into a drawer? No, no, and no. I’m changing my mindset of finding a happy medium, so when I’m 21 in 2 months I can have the experiences I really want!

What are some mindsets that you want to work on during 2015? Comment below and let me know!

Remember to embrace the journey that is 2015 because life won’t sparkle unless you do!

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