Shop Chloe + Isabel, thanks to my sorority sister Tori

Hey, readers!

So for those of you who aren’t new around here, you know I like to chronicle some of my super cool friends, like Bailey and her YouTube cover songs & Kate being a Serengetee rep .

I love to share my friends cool accomplishments with you, readers. So when one of my awesome sorority sisters, Tori, opened up her own Chloe + Isabel shop, I couldn’t help but share the link to her store with all of you.

Check out Tori’s Chloe + Isabel shop!

Tori and I were in the same group to help recruit girls for our sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Last year, Tori’s first year in ADPi, we realized how similar we were thanks to our sassiness. Then, thanks to recruitment, we grew so much closer and I now consider her one of my closest confidants and will always be down for a pedicure and Chipotle date to talk about boys.


You may also recognize my big and little in this photo, too!

Check out Tori’s Chloe + Isabel shop!

Check out what Tori had to say on the company, her shop, and her goals:

Chloe + Isabel is an online jewelry store with the mission to empower entrepreneurial women through a supportive business platform at which the merchandiser was at the center. The main mission is to “empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail.

I was inspired to become a merchandiser for c+i because of my entrepreneurial spirit. I’d love to own a business one day, but as a college student, that is very difficult. C+I gives me the freedom to sell as much as I want, when I want while giving me the skills that I will later use when I have my own business

Let me tell you, she is definitely sparkling and shining!

And since Tori is a true Sparkle and Shine fan, she even wanted to remind all of you to sparkle with this Chloe + Isabel post:


Plus I have news just for you, readers! Tori is hosting a pop-up shop today!

Head on over to the shop now and check out pieces like the Midnight Reverie statement necklace or the Maritime Knot + Anchor studs.

Comment below with what pieces you bought or would want to buy!

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