My Monday Musts

monday mustsHappy Monday, readers!

I can’t believe this is the last Monday Must of June already and I’ve already been home for an entire month from school… which means I am a few months closer to becoming a senior in college.

Woah, okay now before I freak myself out too much thinking about the end of my undergrad college days, I still have many more days to focus on Sparkle and Shine in my blogging headquarters.

Some of the plans got rushed to a quick halt yesterday – first my sunburn started to peel, then it started to rain, and then the camera that my mom and I (yes, my mom is the fabulous official photographer for Sparkle and Shine in the summertime) use for our pictures was not working properly. So before heading off to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday yesterday, we tried to take some fabulous outfit of the day pictures, but that quickly headed to a halt.

So be on the lookout for some fabulous outfit posts in July and even a celebration for my blog’s second year anniversary on July 17!

My blog turns two the same day I am at a Tim McGraw concert, so I’m guessing July is going to be a good, good month for me. I am confident that it will be a good month for you, too, readers.

You are going to make July sparkle and shine just by being you!!

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2 thoughts on “My Monday Musts

  1. Loving the “sparkle” Sami! Looking forward to those summer outfit posts! Enjoy your undergrad years while you can! Being a real grown up is not all it’s cracked up to be! Hell I still like to think I’m not a real grown up yet! Anywho- I’ll be on the lookout for future posts!


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