Must Have Fourth of July Accessories

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Readers, someone please tell me how the Fourth of July is this weekend already!!

My best friend, Julia, and I will be going to a local carnival with fireworks, food trucks, and more with some of our other friends. As the day keeps getting closer and closer, I think I am sending Julia about 50 texts (no exaggeration) a day, asking her what she is wearing and that we need to go shopping ASAP.

Here’s the thing, I don’t have many red, white, and blue colored attire. I don’t have a typical tank top with an American flag printed onto it or faded denim shorts that have stars and stripes on them. Instead of spending a ton of money to get a new wardrobe, I decided it would be best to look into different accessories to add to my wardrobe. It’ll not only be much cheaper, but there is a wide variety of potential out there for new additions to my closet!

Check out the different accessories, ranging in different prices and from different stores:

American Flag Dream Catcher Earrings |  American Flag Infinity Scarf | Americana Triple Charm Necklace

American Flag Sequin Fanny Pack | American Leaf Earrings

What are you wearing for the Fourth of July? Comment below and let me know!!

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