Buh-bye, Timehop!

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Happy Wednesday, readers!

So, I don’t have a Hollywood Hump Day Treat for you this week because of the holiday and then a 24 hour mini vaca to Great Wolf Lodge. Instead, I decided to explain to you all why I decided to delete the popular app, Timehop, and why it’s made my life better.

Like most of my friends, when I had the app, I would check it when I woke up in the morning. It was a part of my daily morning phone ritual – check my messages, e-mail, Twitter, Instagram, horoscope, and then Timehop.

I would open up the app to see a variety of different posts – tweets of Taylor Swift songs about boys whose names I don’t even remember, Facebook statuses about hanging out with friends I don’t really talk to anymore, Instagram posts of exciting adventures, and so much more.

Without realizing it, I was then setting my day up for either greatness or failure. 

If in the past I was doing something exciting and now I was just lounging around on Netflix or at work, I would think that I should be doing something more with my life; that an average day was not good enough based on what had happened in the past.

If something sad or negative would pop up on my Timehop, I would then think about it for the entire day. I would start thinking about that moment or event, thinking about how it affected me today, etc. and not enjoy the day in front of me. A day that I would never get back would go wasted on a silly memory from Timehop.

Most of these posts were from years ago, when I was a completely different person. It wasn’t until I deleted the app that I realized this.

Sami from five years ago, just like most people from five years ago, is more mature, more confident, and has a different outlook on life compared to then.


Ultimately, I was living in the past and not the present.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine. I can’t go back and change how something went and I can’t go into the future to see how one day will affect the next. What I do have is today, something I am lucky to have and most of us take for granted.

So, I deleted Timehop as a promise to myself to live each day in the present and not worry about what happened 365 days ago.

Do you still use Timehop? Comment below and let me know!

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7 thoughts on “Buh-bye, Timehop!

  1. I love this post!! It’s helped me realize that I kind of do the same things, too, whether consciously or not.

    Especially as I’ve kind of hit a rough patch these past few weeks, I’ve looked back on Timehop and felt crappy because of how happy I appeared to be five years ago. Now it’s time to look ahead to bigger things, or better yet, live in the present like you suggest! Timehop…DELETED!

    Melissa | These words are my own.

    • I’m so glad you’re feeling the same way, Melissa! I felt like I was singing “Let it Go” from Frozen when I deleted the app because “the past is in the past” and there is simply nothing I can do about it.
      Hope your rough patch ends soon because you deserve nothing but the best!
      Love ya!

  2. I’ve got back and forth on this a few times. On one hand I like seeing the things I was up to a few years ago, fun times in college, etc. On the other hand, like you said, it sometimes brings up the not so pleasant memories as well. I think I’ll keep it a few more months to make a whole year of seeing everything, then say goodbye!

    • Hi Destiny,

      Thanks for stopping by!
      I’ve had it for over a year now, so it was super cool to see everything for an entire year. I think keeping it for the year, then deleting it, is a great idea!


  3. I never thought about time hop like this, but it is so true! So many times I look and it’s filled with pictures of ex-boyfriends or friends who aren’t a part of my life anymore, and they aren’t in my life for a good reason!! I am seriously considering deleting it (: thanks Sami xoxo

    • Hi Alexa!

      Thanks for stopping by Sparkle and Shine!

      I’m glad I was able to help you see this perspective because that’s exactly what mine was. Ex-boyfriends and ex-friends who are currently not here for a reason. Just so not worth it.

      Glad I was able to help!
      Love you!


  4. I have never had the TimeHop app. But I have noticed that Facebook is now getting in on this and features past posts in my timeline. And whenever I see them I do get a pang of nostalgia.
    I think you deleting the app is great! It’s such a good way to consciously live in the presence. I think right now we’re all kind of obsessed with nostalgia. We all need to learn to let go, and move forward.
    Great post!


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