What I learned from video blogging

Good morning, readers!

So this week, I released my first ever video blog.

While filming and editing, I had realized that there was a lot of difference between Sparkle and Shine’s text based blog and putting together a video blog.

What I learned from video blogging


First off, it left me a lot nervous than when I hit publish on a blog post. Unfortunately,we live in a judgmental society. I was so nervous that a hair was going to be out of place or some other noticeable flaw that is ultimately minor in the long run.

What may even sound silly, since it is now that I look back on it, was that my viewers would not notice that I was wearing my Tim McGraw concert shirt in the video. Would my viewers think that I was just being lazy in a t-shirt? I had to shut off the little voice in my head that was looking for something to be wrong.

Once these fears came to an end, I started to think of potential regrets that I could face. I could have gotten this shot or that shot. I could have done this or done that. I took this, however, as a complete learning experience. For our school’s TV station, I often think about the different shots I want to get. For my next vlog, which will be about an upcoming trip to Atlantic City, I have already started planning out the different shots I want to get, the different ways I want to edit them together, and more!

But now, I’m projecting too much into the future. This post is about my first video blog….

In the end, I just took a deep breathe, uploaded, and started sharing.

In less than 48 hours, I had 250 views! The silly little fears of a a makeup smear somewhere on my face, that pesky hair, t-shirt fear, or the camera being at an odd angle quickly disappeared when I saw the number of views keep going up and up.

I think the biggest lesson I learned was that it’s a lot harder, in general. When I write my blog, I can lay in bed in my pajamas, at any time of the day. For vlogging, I can’t get on camera with my hair messy in mis-matched pajamas! I also can’t do it anywhere at anytime. I’d be lying if I said I’m not guilty of writing a paragraph…or two…or five..behind the register at CVS for Sparkle and Shine. I don’t think my boss or the customers would appreciate me whipping out my camera to start filming as I stand behind the register, when I should be checking them out for their makeup and cough drops! Therefore, it ends up being a lot more time consuming.

But in the end of the day, I realized that I loved doing this. More importantly, it helped solidify that I want to continue on a career path in the production world.

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