Hollywood Hump Day Treat

Hey, what’s up, hello?!

So this week is my last week writing the Hollywood Hump Day Treat from the comfort of Sparkle and Shine’s headquarters. On Friday, I move back to school for my senior year (cue the tears and hyperventilating over trying to get ready to adult and screams of excitement for celebrating every weekend with my friends like we are back in Atlantic City), so I’ll soon be writing these weekly posts, as well as all my other posts, in the comfort of my RA dorm room, the library, or at the Alpha Delta Pi table in the cafeteria.
What celebrity is releasing a mobile game? Who made the next move in the ‘Bad Blood’ feud? Find out all of this – and more – below, thanks to my internship at TheCelebrityCafe.com:

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I wonder what is going to happen this week in Hollywood….stay tuned for next week’s Hollywood Hump Day Treat and I will fill you in!

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