Thank you Amy for reminding me that “life is short and the world is wide”

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

Hey everyone!

I’m officially moved into my room for senior year! I can’t believe that I am starting senior year in just a few short days, training the new Resident Assistants in protocol, and soon take part in my last recruitment.

I absolutely love my sorority and believe that joining Greek life was one of the greatest decisions I could have made during my undergrad years. It gave me my best friends and future bridesmaids – also known as my big and little! It has made me a stronger, more confident person and has given me the ability to achieve my goals.

Through being super close with many of my sisters in my school’s chapter, Alpha Delta Pi and blogging has let me met many other girls who share a similar bond. One of those girls is Amy from Drake’s chapter of Alpha Delta Pi!



Amy reached out to me cause she has a super awesome Etsy shop to help raise money for Drake’s Pi Palace (which is, for those of you who don’t know, what ADPis call their sorority house!)

On Amy’s Etsy shop, called ShoppeAzure, 50% of the proceeds from the sorority section of the site go towards funding new facility operations for their Palace.


Her shop offers super cute home goods, themed to graduation, sorority life, babies (so cute!), and weddings. All her designs are hand-crafted and with their personalized, super clean details, one can definitely tell that Amy works had on these pieces.

My sister-friend was kind enough to send me a product from her Etsy shop and I just had to share it with you all! It is an adorable, hand-painted wooden sign with the quote “Life is short and the world is wide” designed on it.




I really love this sign and I believe that it really means something as Alpha Delta Pi sisters. As sisters, though we are from different chapters and have been unable to connect face-to-face, we are still willing to help each other out. Life is short, but the world is wide and we are able to touch the lives of different people. And when it comes to your sorority sisters, you will go above and beyond to make the smallest difference and leave a lasting impression in their heart!

Check out some cute pics of Amy with sisters from her chapter & myself with sisters from my chapter!


Now head on over to Amy’s shop, browse around, and help the Drake chapter of Alpha Delta Pi build their newest Pi Palace!


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