Looking to Buy New Letters? Check out Greek Creations by Di A-S-A-P!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own. 

I may have Alphie on my side as a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, but thanks to Greek Creations by Di, I have some fabulous hot pink zebra letters on my chest!

Call me a Jersey girl, but I love hot pink and animal print! Being able to cozy up in the comfiest sweatshirt I own while representing ADPi in hot pink and zebra print is great.

adpi zebra letters

Not only is the sweatshirt super cute, but the sweatshirt from Greek Creations by Di is super comfortable! It was super comfortable to wear to that dreaded 8 am class, while still repping Alpha Delta Pi. Not only that, the v-neck allowed for me to breathe (I hate sweatshirts that are all wrapped around my neck!), and could adjust the strings on the hood if I really wanted to.

Don’t worry other sorority gals, Greek Creations by Di also features Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Zeta, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Sigma, Pi Beta Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Delta Delta, Zeta Tau alpha, Phi Sigma Sigma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta, Chi Omega, Alpha Phi Omega, and Alpha Xi Delta.

Plus, don’t want a v-neck sweatshirt! The Etsy shop offers jerseys, jackets, v-neck tees, tunic sweatshirts, quarter-zip pull overs, and zip up hoodies! Greek Creations by Di features over 500 pieces of awesome sorority apparel!

photo 2 (1)

Searching for clothing for your sorority is super easy on the site. All you have to do is just search your sorority and BOOM! all pieces of clothing will come up! The owner, Diane, being as fabulous as she is already has pieces designed in certain sizes for you to order. However, if you see something you like, but your size and sorority is not there, you can request a customer order.

photo 1

With all that money you saved from renting from CampusBookRentals.com, you certainly have money, readers, to go buy some letters from Greek Creations by Di. Go check it out ASAP. For more information, check out the info sheet below:

greek creations 001


“Mumford and Sons,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “Chicago,” Oh My! Find Items Featuring these on “Chicago’s Own” on Etsy!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

Looking for a new phone case? Possibly even a nicely designed notebook? Or even a nicely designed desktop background? Well, your in luck. Look no further – check out “Chicago’s Own” on Etsy!

chicagos own

Chicago’s Own offers products featuring designs I haven’t really found anywhere else. For example, The shop features items such as popular music Mumford and Sons (like this iPhone case) or “Chicago” (like this notebook). The shop allows you to really express what you like thanks to its variety of rarely designed themed items.

From the Etsy shop, I received a “Pride and Prejudice” phone case featuring the popular quote from the movie – “you have bewitched me body and soul” with the word “LOVE” in all capital letters.

photo (91)

First off, the phone case was very durable. I am not the most gracious, but the phone case never broke or dented when my phone may have taken a little tumble.

I was also a tad apprehensive at first, because the case was white. The color white and I never seemed to mix well because I always would get it dirty. However, never did the case look dirty. It always look immaculate and brand new, even after days of use!

The colors on the case also made it pop. It was very eye catching, which is something I liked a lot. Many people would recognize the case, which would start a conversation about the movie, which led to the novel, and then other novels. I was able to get great book recommendations because of people who recognized the quote and chose to discuss “Pride and Prejudice.”

Another aspect I thoroughly enjoyed from “Chicago’s Own” was the packaging of the phone case. It wasn’t just shoved into an envelope. Here is how it came:

photo (90)

After how great my “Pride and Prejudice” case turned out to be, I just may purchase another case from “Chicago’s Own.” Perhaps the Duck Dynasty one?!

Check out “Chicago’s Own”  on Etsy for yourself now!


Shop “The Speranza Project” on Etsy to Help Fight Cancer

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

The Etsy shop The Speranza Project is helping to fight cancer. What’s better than shopping and helping a good cause?!

the speranza project

The Speranza Project donates 20% of its sales to a different organization that fights cancer, through research, offering financial support for families, offering personal items for patients, etc.

The shop offers hand drawn mugs, ceramics, accessories, and more! Most of the products display quotes from your favorite TV shows and books. Some are for the holidays. Popular movies and books on the site include “Harry Potter,” Doctor Who,” and John Green’s novel (and soon to be movie – yay!) “The Fault in Our Stars.” I received a mug featuring a popular “The Fault in Our Stars” quote saying, “My thoughts are stars that I cannot fathom into constellations.”

photo (95)

The other side of the mug featured another popular quote from the novel:

photo (92)

This mug is the PERFECT size! I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love hot chocolate! I cuddled up in my cheetah print snuggie, my Nook, and “The Fault in Our Stars” mug as soon as I came home from school for winter break.

photo (93)

As I got more engulfed in my book, the large size of the mug kept up with me as hours passed. There is nothing I find more annoying than running out of whatever you are drinking while you are all comfortable reading a great book!

photo (94)

The design on the mug was also very neat and professional looking. You could tell Alanna, the shop owner, had taken her time while doing this. Her patience in making it was definitely appreciated as the consumer.

For all you other book lovers out there, I recommended checking out The Speranza Project ASAP!

Clothing and other accessories are coming soon to The Speranza Project, so keep this in mind next time you are shopping. The store is definitely a place you will want to keep checking back with to help support an incredible cause!