5 Ways to End the Semester Right

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To be honest readers, I’m writing this post as one of my many tasks to procrastinate writing my thirty page research paper on how journalists impact the human rights movement. I’m usually not a procrastinator, but with the scary g-word looming in the near future, it has become a new way of life. Push everything off and pretend the days aren’t counting down to that day fateful day, right?

But as the semester- and my undergraduate career – end, I realize that I always end the semester the same way. I’ve developed a routine of what I do to properly end each semester and I just needed to share it with you.

  1. Write “thank you” notes to your professors

    You wouldn’t have truly survived the semester without your professors – if you didn’t have them, there would be no classes to attend! Yes, they may have caused you late nights in the library and additional stress, but they took time out of their children’s soccer games to grade your papers and missed dinner with their family to meet with you. I always make sure to thank my professors for their time and effort. An act of kindness, like a hand written thank you card, goes along way! Be appreciative.

  2. Take some time to focus on yourself 

    High School Musical 2 and other movies left me with an unrealistic expectations of what the summer should be. For my undergrad years, they always were focused around going back to my summer job, interning, attempting to get back on a fitness routine, and cross as many books off my “to read” list as possible. This left me with little time to actually destress from the semester. That’s why I always make sure to take a night at school to put my phone away, focus on my affair with Netflix, and do an at home spa night. Nothing will ever compare to a proper massage, but a deep exfoliating drug store face mask, a glass of wine, and a good night’s sleep can come pretty close if you let it. You deserve some “you” time.

  3. Return/sell your textbooks

    After the semester comes to a close, it is time to put myself on a budget because I am tight on cash. Those bar tabs, big/little hibachi dates, and twice-a-day Dunkin runs really seem to be unnecessary once you realize how much they take out of your bank account. You don’t want to have more money taken out due to fees and fines for not returning your books on time, so make sure you return them as soon as you are done with the final. Plus, you may even be able to make some extra money through your school bookstore, Amazon, or from my previous sponsor, CampusBookRentals.com.

  4. Get rid of anything you no longer need

    This could be your notecards from your Gen Ed history final, the sweatshirt from the cute boy in your science class, or a just the Starbucks receipts and gum wrappers at the bottom of your backpack. The semester is officially over, so no need to be a packrat. Only having necessities will make life easier once you start to move out of your dorm room.

  5. Say your goodbyes

    I used to feel like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana when I would go home for summer break. My “fake” life at Quinnipiac with my “school friends” was not the same as my “home friends.” At college, you are used to having the same people constantly around you, within a mile or two of you at all times and all hours. It gets weird not seeing these familiar faces so often. It’s just like saying bye to your mom when she drops you off for the semester. Make sure you say goodbye to everyone you want to-once you are hours away at home, you won’t have the chance! 

    Do you always end your semester a certain way? Let me know!


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Making The Most of Your Dorm Room Space

So I’m back at school! I moved into my dorm room yesterday for my sophomore year. I am so in love with the way that my room came out – everything fell perfectly into place. Here’s a photo of my room! (Check out how awesome the DIY photo collages I posted about previously look!)


One of the biggest struggles of dorm room living is making the most of your space. You aren’t always blessed with a lot (last year I literally had a corner in a quad with a lofted bed!), so you need to make the most of what you got! Because in the words of my favorite six year old, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

So without getting upset, you have to try and cram so much into the space. As much as every parent would love, it is just so hard to downsize because I really do need all of this extra stuff in my room. Here are a few tips on making the best of it:

1. Check out the space in advance. Sometimes this may not always be an option, but there are ways around it. For this year, my suitemates and I visited the room we are living in this year last year. When we did come, we took pictures (make sure to ask the current residents if that’s okay!). Then, in August, when we wanted to see more than just what we had photos of – we relied on Facebook! My direct roommate and I went through photo albums of other people we know who lived in a similar building to see how they set up their room until we both fell in love with a setup. It made it so much easier come move in day because we already had a plan in mind. If we never checked out the space in advance, or checked Facebook, we could have wasted hours trying to figure out just how we wanted to place our beds!

2. Use the space under the bed. For underneath my bed this year, I have four bins of storage, my hamper, my rain boots, two cases of water, my shoes in a plastic shoe organizer, and a black milk crate of cleaning supplies. Wow- that’s a lot! Everything under there is necessity – so I knew I had to make room for it all. That’s why having space under the bed becomes so helpful – it’s literally just giant open space waiting for you to load it full with your stuff!  To give myself even more room, I bought 4 inch bed risers:

With the comforter, you can't even tell all of what is under there - which is great for privacy!

With the comforter, you can’t even tell all of what is under there – which is great for privacy!

And then when I move back the comforter - you can see all of what I have underneath!

And then when I move back the comforter – you can see all of what I have underneath! It’s so much!!

3. Make command hooks your best friend. I know it sounds silly, but they come in so handy! I’m pretty tall (about 5’8) so a lot of my chapter dresses for sorority are longer than the space allotted in the dresser for width. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is being wrinkled- and if one of my chapter dresses got wrinkled I would have honestly have a total meltdown. So what I did was put command hooks on each sides of the closet, higher up than the hook inside the closet. I then hung about six dresses (in their dry cleaners bags) on each side. This is seriously saved so much room in my closet and keeps my dresses wrinkle free! I then stuck a bag on the side of my shelving unit and one on the front of my closet to hang my extra bags – my purse and my ADPi tote (my backpacks are behind my door on a bigger shelving hook – if you aren’t lucky enough to get one of these, then definitely hang your backpack(s) up on command hooks! You don’t want to let those get thrown around on the floor!). Another huge recommendation I would make is to use a command hook to hang up your robe on the front of your dresser (or your wet towels if you don’t have a drying rack). A robe is a HUGE necessity in college, so having somewhere to always put it that it allows it to dry, while not taking up space in your closet is a huge must! They’re also really important for hanging up some of your decorations.

photo (18)

I hope these tips and tricks make moving in and setting up a lot easier! Good luck to all of you readers this semester!

Campus Book Rentals: A Cheaper Alternative to Buying Textbooks at the Bookstore

This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own.

As an only child, I didn’t know about all the little hints and tips around college life when I first started prepping for my freshman year at Quinnipiac last summer. So that meant when I had to buy my textbooks, I purchased them from the school bookstore. I remember how excited I was when I first went to go to buy my textbooks (yes, I drove 2 hours to Quinnipiac just to buy my textbooks in the beginning of July instead of ordering them online like the rest of my peers). Except my excitement had quickly come to an end when the bill for my text books came to be over $600! I was used to getting free textbooks in high school, and now, I was paying hundreds of dollars for books that I will only be using for a couple of months.

After throwing away so much of my hard earned money (that’s about 10 shifts at my job!), I knew that I had to find an alternative to buying books at the bookstore. I was very skeptical about purchasing books through older students or off of generic ordering websites, like Amazon, because I was unsure of the condition of the textbook I was going to be receiving or how reliable of a service it would truly be.

After three semesters of searching (I already bought my books from my school’s bookstore for my first semester of sophomore year), I finally found a site in which I can trust to order my textbooks: Campus Book Rentals.

campus book rentals

After doing research on Campus Book Rentals, I found out that there were a bunch of perks by using this website to rent my textbooks. The biggest perk out of all was that I would be saving 40% – 90% off of the bookstore price! College is such an expensive time, so any extra money that I can save is huge bonus. Another way that the site helps me save money is that it offers shipping is free both ways.

I can also highlight and annotate in the textbooks without being charged extra. I love getting clean, new books and then highlighting and annotating in them to keep track of my notes so I know what is important for me to know. It’s a big study tool to help me be successful in college, so I am extremely grateful that Campus Book Rentals lets me do this. The site also offers flexible renting periods, which means I can select how long I want to rent my textbook for.

Another perk of the site is that with every textbook rented, part of the money goes to Operation Sunshine, an international organization that provides surgeries for children with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities. Not only are you benefiting by getting your text books cheaper, but you are benefiting a child who can’t necessarily help themselves. How great of a feeling is that?!

As I’m sitting here with textbooks that the bookstore wouldn’t buy back (of course, I tried to sell my books back and only got back one fourth, if that, of what I paid for them), Campus Book Rentals offers an awesome program called RentBack.

rent back

Rentback allows students to rent out the textbooks that they already own to other students, which means that the student renting out their books can make 2x – 4x as much money as they would make compared to selling back their books! This is a program no college student should miss!

To learn even more about all that Campus Book Rentals has to offer, check out this video.

Don’t waste all your hard earned money by wasting hundreds at the bookstore to purchase your textbooks, visit Campus Book Rentals today!